Why Do I Hit My Irons Straight But Slice My Driver

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25 Responses to “Why Do I Hit My Irons Straight But Slice My Driver”

  • Zeroline Golf:

    *Why Do I Hit My Irons Straight But Slice My Driver?*
    “Ask Golf Guru” +Mark Crossfield, PGA professional, answers questions this
    time about driving and how to understand why your golf driver slices more
    than your more lofted golf clubs.
    Valuable info for all golfers!
    #golf #AskGolfGuru #golfswingtips #golfpro #golftips 

  • Spencer Bento:

    lol im 5 months old and can hit it 300 yards, lets skip those okay.

  • Rob Logan:

    Hi Mark, love your videos. One tip that I can say has helped me not only
    with slice, but also helped me get much more distance is one I got from
    watching Michael Breed. Address the ball so that it’s more towards the toe.
    This forces you to have to reach a little to hit the ball in the center,
    which forces you to have to swing more inside out.

  • dakota jones:

    Commented on your video hope it helps some pretty basic stuff, Good Luck.

  • Mason Tan:

    Dear Mark, I have a problem with my driver on the distant. I am hit solid
    and straight but I can never hit it far. Only manage to achieve 170 to 190
    yds. Please take a look at my video clip and hope you can advice.
    youtube.com/watch?v=0_nFgJHWrcU Thanks Regards Mason

  • Cameron Brown:

    could u look at my channel plz mark

  • Nathan Johnson:

    I’ve paid my dues on this topic. For me it started changing when I tried to
    hit my right leg on the downswing and stopped cupping my left wrist. In a
    spinning back fist (think taikwondo) you might give your wrist a snap, but
    this won’t do anything positive for a driver swing, unless you’re fighting
    60mph right to left winds.

  • Mark Crossfield:

    Why do you hit your irons straight but slice your driver. 

  • Mark Crossfield:

    Why do I hit my irons straight but slice my driver. 

  • Mark Crossfield:

    From AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield’s Q&A channel a question about irons and

  • Mark Crossfield:


  • Stephen Shutt:

    Thanks, Mark! I appreciate it greatly! Indeed, a lot of my driver hits are
    off centre…which would make sense with what you are saying here. I am
    presently looking up d-plane/deplane (not sure which it is, so I’m trying
    both), so that will hopefully help out as well. My plan is also to get a
    couple of lessons with a coach within the next few weeks or so. Thanks
    again for the help and the vids! They are an incredible help!

  • Dissco Burr:

    6 months later, I’m pretty much the opposite. I actually changed to a
    scotty cameron, and I average about 27 putts per round, but I am having
    trouble keeping my swing consistent. Whatever, because I’m shooting high
    70s on average now ;).

  • goffers92:

    I see the Covert made it into your bag !

  • Kapsproductions:

    looking for help with my swing, anyone willing to check it out just go to
    my channel

  • GregTheGunner:

    I’m 14 and i have this problem, so this is a bit hard to understand with
    the face and things but i have booked a lesson with the pro at our local
    course for thursday so hopefully will get it straighter!

  • JimmyDundon:

    I think you missed an important point. If you strike the ball an ascending
    angle of attack of say 5deg then you need to have a horizontal swing path
    of 5 deg to the right to zero the path. I think the relationship between
    angle of attack, horizontal swing plane and vertical swing plane on a zero
    path could help the average golfer understand while you need a different
    swing direction feel for iron and driver.

  • paqman78:

    I had this problem too and it was getting on my nerves. So I booked in a
    lesson, and the guy told me to open up the club face on my backswing
    (because he noticed I wasn’t doing that with my driver, whereas with my
    irons I was). Then told me to simply be aware to rotate my wrist back to
    position zero as I do my downswing. Worked like a charm. May not apply to
    your problem, but the point is to book in a lesson and get a pro to have a

  • Steve Book:

    I have looked at the d plane vids and that would suggest to me that it’s
    important to have the driver custom fitted !!!

  • NovaScene:

    Hey Mark, good videos again! Why is there always a tape in the middel of
    the saft of the driver you have in your bag at that given time?

  • Dissco Burr:

    Hey Mark, I have a lot of issues with putting, especially on the short
    ones. I seem to use too much of my hands/wrists and not enough of anything
    else, and I push it most of the time (put if I fire the wrists fast enough,
    I so conveniently pull it…). Do you have any tips on how to keep my hands
    more passive in the putting stroke? I could potentially hit scratch if I
    get this information (I average about 60-70% GiR, but also average about
    36+ putts).

  • Percy Galiga:

    I had this exact same problem as well but the remedy is the opposite. With
    my swing I was actually getting stuck because my hands were too close to my
    body so when I drove with my hips, my arms got stuck which lead to
    unconsiously flipping through impact (slow mo swing dicovery) because the
    driver was so long, I could never square the clubface which lead to those
    massive slices and when I did try to concsiously flip through impact
    (thinking it would square the face) I pullhook instead.

  • GrandmasterN:

    Perhaps its right there where the divider in the bag is, and it might
    scratch the shaft. I have had that problem myself once with an old bag. So
    I applied a sticker right there to not damage the shaft.

  • ryan beaulieu:

    Benjamin Anderson is right. I had this problem with the flex and stiff

  • jesse rodgers:

    whered u get the sweater