who recycle used golf balls?

Question by Samaritan C: who recycle used golf balls?
is there a company that buys used golf balls to recycle and make new golf balls? Help please?

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Answer by Question kid
Raven Golf Ball Company has been retrieving and recycling golf balls across the country for more than 20 years. Our experience and quality standards have become a value to golfers, golf courses and golf professionals alike. By providing our customer with convenience, a top quality product and the strictest standards in recycling and retrieving, we have earned their loyalty. Now is the time to earn yours.

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  • googie:

    There are several ” Water Hole Guys ” throughout the country who are regional in nature and usually get contracts with golf courses and country clubs to scour their water holes for balls. Not only do they have rotary equipment which is dragged along the bottom to pick up balls but they have scuba gear to finish the job. They supply driving ranges, flea markets, sporting goods stores and roadside stands with their product. They do not make new golf balls.

  • chengke1122:

    Hi,i would like introducing our product.