Who makes which brands of golf equipment?

Question by Toolman_2000: Who makes which brands of golf equipment?

For example, Ram and Tommy Armour are made by the same company. Like wise for Callaway, Top Flite and Ben Hogan. Most surprising so far is finding that Dick’s Sporting Goods owns Acuity, Walter Hagen and Powerbilt!

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Answer by Chris N
My personal opinion would be Ping

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4 Responses to “Who makes which brands of golf equipment?”

  • chimpotle:

    Titleist, Cobra, Footjoy and Pinnacle are all owned by the same corp.

    Clevelenad makes never comromise putters.

    Taylormade is owned by adidas.

  • Jake Z:

    callaway owns odyssey too

  • kimglf:

    You are correct as are Chimpotle and Jake Z.

    Achusnet owns the brands Titleist, FootJoy, Cobra, Pinnacle

    Callaway Golf owns Callaway, TopFlite, Ben Hogan, Odyssey

    Dick’s Sporting Goods owns Walter Hagen, Acuity

    TaylorMade-Adidas owns TaylorMade, Maxfli, Adidas

    Cleveland owns Cleveland and Never Compromise

  • Ronzo:

    I don’t think Dick’s owns Powerbilt. Hillerich and Bradsby (I think that’s how you spell it) owns Powerbilt.