who know about golf equipment clubs with some golf equipment?

Question by Tina Green: who know about golf equipment clubs with some golf equipment?
i want to buy some golf equipments to my golf clubs ,but i don’t know where is with many kinds just like callaway,ping,nike,who can tell me?

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Answer by John Cage
All are very good brands. Are you just starting out? Playing for a long time?

All of the big companies have sets for beginners-pro’s. It really comes down to feel and confidence in golf. Go check them out, hold them in your hands and decide from there.

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  • Going with Logic!:


  • Robert Eubanks:

    Check out http://www.golf-tips-a-2-z.com/beginner-golf-clubs.html

    At the end of the articles are links about beginner golf clubs made by callaway, ping, nike, etc…

    Out of the ones you have named, I would rank ping, callaway, nike for beginner clubs. I would go callaway, ping, nike for intermediate clubs. I would go with titleist for advanced player clubs.

    For more golf tips visit http://www.golf-tips-a-2-z.com

  • johnny D:

    If you are a begginer buy some used clubs at a garage sale. Cheap 20.00 bucks or so. If you like to golf and you plan playing this game for a while its worth going to a pro shop getting fit and laying down some real dough for a cool set. It all depends , if your just a once in a while hacker, or do you want to become a go low weekend warrior. Good Luck.

  • Smitty:

    Personally, I’ve always played TaylorMade clubs.


  • Jason G:

    Anglais sil vous plait(lol)? I guess what you’re trying to say is that you want to buy some golf equipment, but don’t know what brand to get because they’re are so many on the market. Easy! Go to your local pro shop and try out different brands to see what you like. I’m a Nike guy from driver to putter, but you may not be. I’ve hit Mizuno irons and they’re nice. I’ve hit Ping drivers and fairway woods and they’re nice. I’ve not hit another brand besides the ones I mentioned. I.E.(therefore), you must try out all the equipment you can. It would’ve been nice if you had provided some info on your playing abiltiy. Then I could’ve gotten more specific with certain models within certain brands. If you’re a beginner, don’t spend a great deal of money because it’s not worth it when you’re just learning. Once you can hit any ole’ club decently, then you can focus on name brands. Good luck.

  • Cain Green:

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