Where to Buy Disc Golf Equipment?

Question by ►Aurora Borealis: Where to Buy Disc Golf Equipment?
I only just discovered this sport because i watched some disc golf videos on YouTube but i’m already hooked.

The question is now and want to get outside and play, where can i purchase some decent disc golf equipment and what sort of price would i be looking at having to spend on this stuff?

Bearing in mind i live in the UK, and i’ll probably be buying online what reputable sites are there that i’d feel comfortable with handing my card details over to?

Thanks in advance.

sorry questions should read ‘*now i want to…’

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Answer by Me
Hey Luke, I did some searching around and I found this site http://www.primediscs.com/default.asp?gclid=CPOM78G6vJUCFQQCagodgnCAQA

Since I don’t really know a lot about Disc golf, I wasn’t really sure what you were looking for. However, I did the best I could. 🙂

Also, I found these:


I hope any of that helps.

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  • JZip:

    welcome the the addicted. we’re glad to have you.

    the other poster listed prime discs. that is a good source. prime is located in Massachusetts. they are good folks who sponsored our most recent tourney at my home course.

    i’d also recommend Marshall Street (http://marshallstreetdiscgolf.com/). They are also in Mass and support the local clubs. They also have 2 world class courses.

    I’ve also used Gotta Go Gotta Throw (http://www.gottagogottathrow.com/discgolf/) in the past

    and Disc Golf Center (http://www.discgolfcenter.com/)

    They’re all reputable businesses owned by disc golf players. Feel free to hit them up with questions. They will help point you in the right direction as you’re making your disc selections.

    Now get out there and throw!

    BTW, check out the PDGA course directory (http://pdga.com/course/index.php) to locate courses nearby you.

    A search for England found 11 courses:

    Aberystwyth, ENGLAND, England
    Constitution Hill

    Beaminster, ENGLAND, England
    Whitcombe Farm

    Bristol, ENGLAND, England
    Univesity of W. England – Glenside
    University of W. England – Frenchay

    Burnlaw, Northumberland, ENGLAND, England

    Colchester, ENGLAND, England
    University of Essex, Colchester

    Croydon, London, ENGLAND, England
    Lloyd Park

    Harrogate, ENGLAND, England
    Ashville College DGC

    Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, ENGLAND, England
    Quarry Park

    Rodden, Weymouth, ENGLAND, England
    Great Dorset Maize Maze

    Slebech, ENGLAND, England
    Clerkenhill Adventure Farm