Where can is sell used golf equipment in Minneapolis?

Question by Pink08: Where can is sell used golf equipment in Minneapolis?
Play It Again Sports only takes them in trade for new ones. I have no intention of golfing and was given these clubs. What can I do with them? I’d prefer to make some money from them as they are in good shape. Help.
I meant to say “Where can I sell used golf equipment.”
peachesostic – The problem is I know nothing about golf and don’t know what the clubs and bag are worth. That’s the main problem.

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Answer by peachesostic
Place an ad in your local newspaper’s classified section.
Place an ad on Craig’s List, online.
Look up pawn shops in Minneapolis.

(A tip of advice, though: put the price on it a little higher than the most amount you’re willing to part with your golf equipment, for others usually offer you a lower price, so as to think they really got a deal).

Good luck!! Personally, I can understand why you’d have no intention of golfing; because, myself, I think it’s a GOOFY sport! lol! (Although my s.o. loves it…..Why????! lol)

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  • mikeduptwo:

    Ebay, Craig’s List, Local newspaper, call in on radio stations and at the end say that you’re selling clubs and contact you!!

  • Eldonado:

    eBay is it, if you want to maximize your $ $ $ potential (and substantially at that).

    Even if you know little to nothing about golf. Go to the Golf category (link below) and you can probably match up what you’ve got with what’s there so you’ll have a better idea where each item will sell.

    Yeah, that takes work. You can try to unload easily through Craigslist as an alternative. Less bucks, but maybe less hassle and no cost to you.

    Good luck.