Where can I get much cheaper golf equipments?

Question by Jessic Delia: Where can I get much cheaper golf equipments?
now, i am ready to play the golf. but i haven’t had golf clubs.I don’t know where to buy them and which golf clubs is fit for my game. I am very confused. Please give me a hand. thanks, thanks!

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Answer by tommy White
Try this online shop. www.buygolfsets.com they offer various kinds for golf clubs for sale. I purchased 1 Callaway BB iron set from them, they offered me free shipping and 5% discount in addition. It’s very nice.

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  • Michael:

    go to get callaway x22 irons, which are most forgiving for the beginners. Please visit golfdiscountsale.com if you wana get the clubs at rock bottom price

  • Ellein Smith:

    I recently find a website the price is favorable. The x24 irons reached to me in a good condition , That’s really a happy thing. the domain is http://www.oobgolfclubs.com

  • Jwalit P:

    Dorson Golf Equipment Storage Rack

    Product Features

    Room to store two fully loaded golf bags
    Handy shelves for shoes, balls and other accessories
    Sturdy steel construction for solid and long lasting support

  • Simone:

    Go to Salvation Army stores, they practically give them away.

  • green_lantern66:

    See a local clubfitter (do a Google or Y! search). The good news is, there’s quality at almost every pricepoint. You can go with the brand new name brands, used name brands, brand new component brands, or even used component brands to find what not only meets your needs, but your budget as well.

    I’m an example: I game component brands. My driver through to my irons are Acer XK’s that I got from Hireko.com. My wedges are Inazone Shadow CNC’s that I got from Diamond Tour Golf. In all, I’ve spent less than $ 400 for my whole set! Of course, I saved some money by building my clubs myself (I do that sort of thing), but you wouldn’t be paying too much more for assembly from a local clubfitter. So, I got a full set (sans putter) all brand new for the cost of a just-released driver… with the same quality. With the rising cost of clubs (getting to the stupidly extreme… I’ve said- and still have- LOTS to say on that) going the component route still makes it possible for people to enjoy a great sport.

  • Jason G:

    That depends on what you’re looking for. You can find cheap equipment at Walmart or Target. If you want quality equipment you can try ebay(I’ve gotten plenty of stuff there for good prices). Other options:



    If you are a woman, buy womens clubs. If you dont know how to tell if its a womens set, ask before you buy.

    You can try ebay but there are usually used golf clubs at local golf shops. To play well clubs should be “fit” for your swing. Can’t do that on ebay but can get free advice and usually fitting at a local golf retailer.

  • Robert:

    You need to start with a pro, learn the grip, stance, alignment, back swing and follow thru, buy used clubs, and when your playing better get yourself a new set. This is because you have an idea what your doing