Where can I find cheap golf equipment?

Question by acshayden10: Where can I find cheap golf equipment?
Me and my dad are wanting to start playing golf but need some clubs that are affordable

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Answer by jme_lynn34
look up “play it again sports” and see if you have any stores located in your area. they offer high quality- used sports equipment.

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  • stinkinggenius2003:

    classifieds, ebay or pawn shops

  • mrsmariamp:

    In Dubai UAE thats the best place for Shopping and living to enjoy

  • tfoy05:

    I but not only golf clubs, but golf balls on e-bay. Great prices and the even if you get something that isn’t just right for you, you pay so little that it doen’t matter.

  • 3world Pro:

    If you want good clubs that are the best expecially for medium to high handicaps are the quite cheap go for taylormade r7 irons on ebay used maybe. There irons and taylormade burner driver got me to 4 handicap from beginner in 2 years.

  • Chris D:

    these are decent beginer clubs for cheap
    Also try callaway golf preowned and outlet

  • Jason G:

    There are a number of places you can get discount golf clubs.
    Try these:


    Since you are a beginner, you can go to Wal-Mart, Target, or Dick’s Sporting Goods(if there’s one in your town) and get lesser known manufacturers equipment. You could also try tgw.com, golfsmith.com, edwinwatts.com, and austadsgolf.com and look at their closeout items. Those and the others I mentioned above are for the name brand manufacturers that have pre-owned/older model equipment.

  • kwshannon1:

    Garage sales, rummage sales, flea markets, online pre-owned sites like Callaway’s, golf stores like Golf Galaxy, etc. Maybe friends who have extra clubs and would like to help you out.

    Just need a few for each person to get going – 3 wood, hybrid, 5, 7, 9, wedge, putter, bag.

  • cat care:

    go to http://www.learn-golf-course where it has a range of golf clubs:New Inferno PETITE Complete Lady Golf Club Set with Stand Bag ,Prosimmon X30 Hybrid Full Golf Club Package and more…