When i hit the golf ball at the driving range why does it roll on the ground instead of fly?

Question by Beer Man: When i hit the golf ball at the driving range why does it roll on the ground instead of fly?
I went to the driving range & when i would hit the golf ball it would be a line drive on the ground instead of taking flight in the air..
It was really embarassing as it was my first time but there was just a bunch of old retired men so i didn’t really care..
I was using my driver..
How can i get the ball to go in the air when i hit it at the driving range?

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Answer by Trevor
Hi Samantha,
First of all, make sure the right driving range tee is in the mat, they can be changed so you don’t have to use the standard one just because it is there.
I would personally say the main reason why you are hitting daisy cutters is because you are coming up off the ball, in other words, lifting your head.
Next time you are there, just try to keep your head down and let the momentum of the swing take it up when it is meant to.
The other thing to try to maintain more flight is to try to distribute your weight a little better. Around 60% on your right sided, presuming you are right handed. Sometimes a lower ball flight can also be caused by transferring your weight too soon, getting ahead of the ball with your hands etc.
Hope this helps,

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  • mbl:

    There could be several answers. You maybe are topping the ball which is when the bottom of the club is hitting the top of the ball rather than the clubface hitting the back of the back. OR you don’t yet have sufficient clubhead speed to properly launch a driver. A driver doesn’t have much loft so beginners often even when solid contact is made, the ball doesn’t get into the air. Good luck.

    And you’re cute! 😉

  • spartaworld.combat:

    Samantha, beginners often have difficulties when they attempt golf before taking lessons. Try to move the ball towards the right more and see if you can get lift off. Three things to remember; head down and still over ball, slow swing back, shift weight to left foot when impact is made. This should give some confidence to your game. Keep practicing.

  • Vanessa:

    I’d say it’s because you’re topping the ball (pulling your head and body up off the ground). Keep your head down and look at the side of the ball as you swing. (Its right side). Unlike the other people who posted saying to move the ball closer to your right foot, I’d say the opposite. You want your weight to be on your left foot (foward foot) so you get more distance and accuracy with your shots. (If weight is left on your back foot, you’ll fall off balance and therefore hit inaccurate shots). It’s your first time so don’t worry too much about it; practice makes perfect!!

  • Magpie™:

    The fat part of the club isn’t the grip.
    Turn club upside down and hold shaft.
    Just like sex but different.