What’s a good little book for learning about golf?

Question by Jones: What’s a good little book for learning about golf?
I’m not talking about “Golf for Dummies”, but something along those lines. Is there a good book that I could buy that gives all the rules of golf, tips on how to play, how to shop for clubs, stuff like that? Something really concise and easy-to-read; I’ve golfed a bunch of times before, but with borrowed clubs and all, and I’m not very good. I’m not looking for a magic book to make me suddenly pro, just something that’s easy to read that’d make me more informed, and perhaps interested.

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Answer by wbaker777
I am not sure about books, However I’ll give you a list of links that should be able to help you.


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  • truesam@sbcglobal.net:

    Buy “The Touch System for Better Golf” by Bob Toski. You can get it on Amazon.com An excellent easy read for beginning golfers and Mr. Toski is world renowned as a golf teacher.

  • Jeff M:

    I suggest you invest an hour or so of your time and go to your local library. There are literally thousands of books about hundreds of aspects of the game: etiquette; fitness; famous personalities and players; course design; and of course game improvement.

    Check out anything by Harvey Penick – his “colors” series (Little Red Book, Little Green Book, etc.) are understood to be classics.

    You may also benefit from grabbing an issue of Golf Digest or another golf magazine. Some of the more advanced topics may be of no use to you, but it will give you a good overview of current issues and equipment in the golfing world today.

    Best of luck!

  • Julia T.:

    Try this website to improve your game.



  • Rachael P:

    there’e a book called Feeling Naked On The First Tee and also books for Rock Solid Golf. as far as buying equipment i would pay for a fitting, find out what clubs fit your swing. there’s always bargains out there.

    Rachael Petralito

  • no idea?????:

    harvey pennicks little red book. your libary will have it. used bookstore, if worse comes to worse. 14 dollars brand new. best book ever.