What type of golf ball responds best on the green?

Question by Dan W: What type of golf ball responds best on the green?
Although hard to believe, I compete in Professional MIni Golf tournaments around the country and was wondering what type of ball would perform best on the green (min golf course lol). I seem to like balls with a lower compression (Maxfli Noodle, Volvik Crystal) yet after reading up on the design of golf balls, I am not sure that this is the right decision. What type of balls (compression, three piece two piece etc.) would help increase my performance.

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Answer by arachdog
I’ve always assumed that golf balls usually just focus on distance with a case hardness where there is a trade off between control and durability. I have never heard any ball to be more accurate on the putting surface. I’m prepared to be proved wrong though.

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  • Czeka L:

    The best golf ball to use is a Titlelist. Tiger Woods uses a Titlelist and so do most pro golfers. Then to increase your play always drink water, not gatorade. Water is natural and helps your mind/brain to concentrate better and has 0 calories. Gatorade is not is like fruit punch/kool aid and has like 200 calories.

  • thebasics06:

    Using a softer ball will help to give the better players more feel around the green.

    Try using this website to look at how each ball is rated : http://www.golfballs101.com/

    I am a 16 handicapper at the moment and I am an in between person when it comes to using golf balls.

    I don’t like anything rock solid like DDH, and then I don’t like Pro V1s as they feel to soft for me.

    I go for something like a Srixon Soft Feel which is an all rounder.

    So all in all its down to you.

    I don’t think we can say which type of ball would help you but you should try different balls out.

  • Josh R:

    First of all Czeka Tiger does not use a Titleist, he uses Nike, due to the fact he is sponsered by and plastered by them. The best type of golf ball for chipping and approach shots to the green I have found to be a Titleist ProV-1. They have amazing spin. They’re also nice to putt with but for putting I prefer the Titleist NXT Tour golf balls. I’m an 8 handicap so it really depends on if you have the power or swing to spin the prov-1. For a miniputt tourney i would definitely use an NXT, or a Nike.

  • stan da manly man the one u want:

    hi. good question. but i think it would be wrong for people to recommend a specific type of a golf ball for you. the matter of fact is, in order to putt at your best, you need to depend on two things. feel and sound. maxfli noodle will feel smoother and a sound thats well… soft? and if you try any of the top flight golf balls, then you will find that it feels hard at impact and the noise it makes is a little louder. the bottomline is, EVERY golf balls feel and sound different. and the conclusion is that EVERY people have their preferences. phil mickelson said he changed his ball from titleist to callaway because he changed his putter. his putter was not very responsive to the contact so he wanted a ball that would make a louder noise at contact. so changing to a callaway ball was part of many other reasons because it slightly felt a little more “firm” so my recommendation is, try all sorts of different balls. take them to the putting green and see which ones feel and sound better. you are the only one that can determine which ball is best for you. pick the one based on feel and sound. good luck. :]

  • Trent F:

    while I think that more expensive balls like pro V1 has a softer feel off the putter, I don’t think it is going to end up making too much of a difference in mini-golf.

    Just find the ball you happen to be most confident with and believe in. The ball’s attributes may have very little to do with it.
    For example, in real golf I use expensive pro V1s because I get them free for golfing on my college golf team, but many times I still prefer cheaper top flites. They don’t perform as well, but I feel better with them for multiple reasons (not worring about losing a $ 3 -$ 4 ball)