What should you wear to the driving range?

Question by sabdguy26: What should you wear to the driving range?
I’m taking my girlfriend to a driving range because we’re both interested in taking up golf. Should we wear what we would on the course, or can we wear jeans?
EDIT – it’s just a driving range, it’s not an actual course or country club

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Answer by satchjr2
You can wear whatever you want at the driving range usually…just wear something comfortable that isn’t going to hinder your golf swing. I wouldn’t recommend tight clothing or jeans…

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  • exciter1978:

    High waisted Spandex pants, shirtless with stiletto boots.

  • camjerman_2:

    I would wear some casual kahkis with either a t-shirt or a polo. It doesn’t really matter what you wear but you still want to look like a golfer who knows what they are doing.

  • halfzeimer:

    Besides wearing an ice hockey goalies equipment, just about anything goes.

  • jpasch101:

    If it’s a country club, wear the dress code required. If not (it’s a public driving range) wear whatever.

  • barney11381:

    any comfortable loose fitting clothes are fine. please don’t wear nickers

  • Electric Lizard:

    Wear a checker-boarded button up golf shirt and slacks.
    And wear a sun visor and dress shoes.

    You’ll be the coolest person on the driving range.
    Trust me.

  • ndcrazy22:

    Well, it mainly depends on whether you’re going to a public or private golf course. I suspect you are going to a private course which means you can wear whatever you want. Just make sure you at least wear tennis shoes.Yes you could wear jeans. If it is private, you must wear a collared shirt along with nice shorts or pants (no jeans). I suggest kackis. Good luck! I love golf hope you do too!

  • Jeffrey T:

    I normally wear a simple T-shirt and either loose jeans or shorts. Definitely wear shoes, and keeping cool without wearing heavy clothing helps.

  • Kevin G:

    shorts and a T

  • Thad S:

    Wear the same gear you would wear if you were getting ready to play a round of golf. Try to get into the same routine as if you were playing, from a mental prospective it really helps. Besides most good courses require that you wear the appropriate attire anyway even if you are just using the range.

  • hntblk51:

    any thing that is comfortable and wont get in your way or make you trip

  • tyde47:

    an armani suit

  • rbkgolfshop:

    I wear Tss and shorts….

  • Richard Gao:

    some range is pretty relax, they allow you to wear whatever, even bare chested. But some range especially the ones that are part of a golf course/ country club will insist on you wearing proper golf attire.

  • bt7tricarb:

    There are no dress codes at a public driving range (at least none that I’ve ever been to). Just wear what you’d feel comfortable playing golf in. In other words, nothing that would hinder your swing.

    If you’re looking to fit in, or at least not stand out, I’d recommend something you might actually wear golfing. This would in most cases mean no jeans. Even if playing a public course, most people don’t wear jeans as they simply aren’t very comfortable for the sport. A nice pair of khakis (like Dockers) or shorts are the usual choice. As far as shirts go, something loose fitting. Virtually all private clubs, and even some public courses, require a collar, but at a driving range just be comfortable. Don’t go out and buy a special shirt if you don’t already have a golfing shirt. Wait and see if you like it first.

    Now shoes… Most people at a driving range will wear their golf shoes. But remember, golfing shoes (cleats) are for the terrain of a course. This is not necessary for a driving range. Most people wear them at the driving range as to stay comfortable in what they will be wearing while playing. If you don’t have or don’t want to wear your golfing shoes at a range, don’t worry about it. I’ve often gone in just my topsiders.

    Hope this helps, now go and have some fun!