What is your favorite Golf Equipment Brand?

Question by Marina Marina Marina: What is your favorite Golf Equipment Brand?
What is your fave brand of Golf Equipment?

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  • Superman:

    I like my Taylor Made Driver and Woods.

    My favorite irons are Mizuno, and Putter is Scotty Cameron.

    Wedges are Titlest Vokey.

  • Dwight K. Schrute:

    Taylormade then Nike then Callaway.

  • mannyq:


  • tim e:


  • Calgary Flames:

    Driver: King Cobra
    Irons: Taylormade
    Putter: Odyssey / Scotty Cameron
    Hybrids: Adam’s
    Woods: Taylormade

  • Dylan M:

    Ping i3s are great irons. For me at least.

  • darber:

    My favorite is the Natural Golf clubs. I truly believe they have the best equipment on the market, at reasonable prices. I play their clubs, which were made just for me, and all the shafts are tested to make sure they are all the same frequency and balance. That means that each of my clubs swings the same as all the others. Quality of construction is great, and the grips are fantastic. They are non-tapered, soft and “sticky”. In fact, I stopped using a glove after I bought them because they just don’t slip.

    You can see their equipment on the Natural Golf website. I bought mine from one of their teaching pros, Jack Challender. You can contact Jack at 425-770-2780. Great guy, and he really knows golf.

  • Brendan M:


  • -NN-:

    taylormade, then nike, then ping, then callaway

  • tcmae:

    Nike, and Taylormade

  • Joel D:

    I have all kinds of brands. My personal favorite, even though I don’t play any clubs of these, is Nike.

  • svchiefs19:


  • Chuck P:

    I think Ping has everything going for them, I’ve tried all the others and I love the way the Ping’s play. They are consistent from one club to the next and if you ever need to add a club it will always be the same. They measure you for your swing, speed and grip so they fit your body. They are made of the highest quality and latest technology so your always going to have the finest equipment available. That being said. clubs are like anything else, you have to find the clubs that work for you. My brother-in-law plays an old set of Hogan’s and he’s the only guy I’ve played with that has shot a 59.

  • Wyatt R:

    Driver: Taylormade
    Woods/Hybrids: Taylormade
    Irons: Mizuno, or Taylormade
    Wedges: Titleist
    Putter: Scotty Cameron
    Ball: Titleist

  • Austin S:

    By far my favorite and professionals favorite is Titleist and always has been in almost all categories of golf. For example balls, irons, wedges, putters etc.

  • mikramnilknarf:

    Callaway is reall good. I love the big bertha irons.

  • Mr. Benito Bologna:

    Ping or Callaway.