What is the best weather to go to the driving range?

Question by SilverStar: What is the best weather to go to the driving range?
I have recently picked up golf, sorta. I like going to the driving range with my driver and hitting a few balls out. But what’s the best weather for this? Some say it’s when it’s windy so the ball can carry better, others say a clear sunny day, even though it’s hotter. What’s your opinion?

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Answer by x-15a2
Warm (not hot) weather is best. When you are learning it’s best to go when the winds are light or still. This way, you can see what the ball is doing with your swing and you won’t wonder if the wind is enhancing a slice or hook.

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2 Responses to “What is the best weather to go to the driving range?”

  • Jack C:

    Yes try to get there on calmer days. It is nice to see what you are actually doing rather then what the wind is doing to the ball. Please hit other things at the range then your driver though. The golf range is for everything. Work your way through the bag and work on ball striking with all your clubs. This is where you should be ranging your clubs, not guessing at the course. Example 145-150 yards at the course, for me I know I can do a couple of things here; 1. Pull PW and hit it full clean and high, with a normal swing. or 2. pull 9 iron and hit more of low draw, a more aggressive swing. These are things you should just know when you are on the course eventually, and the range is the time to figure them out. The course is the time to execute, not practice.

  • Brian:

    If you are learning go during the best weather with low wind and try to get your stroke down.

    The key to golf is really ONLY what is happening at the ball location and what is happening with your own body movements, so you can actually hit anytime in any weather- although I would say stay out of lightning.

    Remember- Drive for show- Putt for Dough! So be sure to spend time chipping and putting when you practice.

    I always enjoy hitting some balls before playing, but my brother plays cold.