What is the best golf tip you have ever gotten?

Question by da-chi-town-man: What is the best golf tip you have ever gotten?
The best tip i ever got was don’t think about what you are doing feel what you are doing. Feel and reel; overanalysis leads to paralysis.

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Answer by vdrive_60
Probably the best tip I can remember was from our club pro who told me to focus on the back of the ball throughout the swing. I began to hit down on the ball more consistently and my ball striking improved.

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  • thefistofdoom:

    I know it’s been said over and over, but the best tip I’ve ever gotten was to commit to your shot. You can’t hit a good shot when you haven’t decided what you want to do.

  • solara437:

    Take lessons.

  • golfbabe_92:

    Take Lessons and short term pain = long term gain. I always had trouble with not practicing and stuff. Ahh I have so many from so many people and I can’t pick one. But short term pain = long term gain is probably one of my favorites…
    Although my favorite golf quote that I have in my bedroom to remind me —
    If you stop trying to improve, you might as well quit.
    -Tiger Woods

    I don’t know, I can’t pick one. I get a ton from my uncle who is on tour.

  • rphill_44:

    I got this one from the movie Tin Cup. Kevin Costner tells himself “fairways and greens”. It seems to calm me and make me swing smoother…

  • Talon:

    The Best advise I was ever giving is
    “Keep Your Head Down & Your Eye on The Ball”
    Every swing you make keep your eye on the ball.
    It really works I find that when I am focused on hitting it and having a relax swing and I am looking at my ball I have better results in accuracy and distance.
    It hasn’t failed me yet.

  • Hart:

    The best advice I’ve heard is “Don’t take advice from someone you haven’t paid.”

  • Will:

    Always take a practice swing.

  • feeferz:


    that helped me to stop topping the balls and looking kinda stupid lol

    it definitely works! =]

  • Bob P:

    put the driver up at the range and practice chipping and putting.

  • TMLeaf Fan:

    Slow down my swing….this has actually improved my drive and distance…

  • Ted P:

    My brother always says to –

    take 2 weeks off and then quit.


    My favorite is if you want to score lower get it in the hole sooner.

  • FatKid:

    “Just hit the f’n ball.” No really. Loft, swing speed, blah blah blah don’t mean a thing if you don’t..

  • Jason G:

    Something really simple. Look at the ball. It is kind of hard to hit something that you cannot see.

  • Brick:

    My best tip was to use the SAND WEDGE from 30 yards or closer. (use the weight of the club head to get the club thru the ball without getting a lighter club( 8, 9 or wedge) sometimes caught up in the grass and pulled off line.)

  • BadMoFo5375:

    The absolute best tip I have ever recieved is to always keep my balls clean!