What are the best budget junior golf clubs for a 9 yr old beginner?

Question by B-Rad486225: What are the best budget junior golf clubs for a 9 yr old beginner?
My son is just getting into golf and I want to get him a basic set that will keep him interested. I don’t want to go crazy with the price since I don’t know how well he will take care of them. We’re still working on the responsibility thing. Thanks.

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Answer by murraymcf
At 9 years old, it’s important to ensure that the clubs fit him properly. Probabaly the best advice would be to speak to a golf professional about this. Most golf clubs (courses),have a club pro who would be happy to spend a little time with you and your son to give you proper advice. The other thing of course is that your son will outgrow his first set of clubs rather quickly so you may not want to spend a fortune.
You might be advised to enroll your son in some lessons with a reputable pro in your local area. Let the pro guide you along and make recommendations. I can’t overstate this. Getting your son started on the right path will help him to develop good habits, rather than bad ones which are difficult to break later.
Here are some articles that may help;

What a wonderful age to start golf! Wish I had.

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  • coastiemike:

    I have had my son playing with me since he was 7. Our local tour pro encouraged us to go with US Kids Golf equipment found at http://www.uskidsgolf.com/index.cfm

    It sizes clubs, as well as flex and length, for different ages, and it color-coordinates the clubs for ease in choosing. They have a reward program where when you buy 5 clubs, you get a 6th one free of charge.

    They also have a program that allows them to accomplish goals and earn achievement pins after certain accomplishments. This program really encouraged my son to pursue golf. He is now 13 and we will be looking to fit him in his first “real” set of clubs this summer.

    But, like I said, I strongly recommend the US Kids Golf stuff. PM me if you have any specific questions.