What are some tips for golf?

Question by Ryan: What are some tips for golf?
I’m 15 and a left handed golfer but i haven’t really golfed that much but when i do i slice the ball a lot… is there any tips on what i could do?

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Answer by Worrybug
Slice is something you can easily fix 🙂

Try this YouTube video~

& Basically it’s saying… When you release the club make sure your right hand rolls over your left! But since your left handed, you’re left hand should roll over your right. 🙂

It’ll help a ton.

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5 Responses to “What are some tips for golf?”

  • Steve from PA:

    You can develop bad habits…get tips from ppl on line..or do it the right way and take lessons..it all depends on how serious u wanna get with it..

  • Jim Golf:

    loads of stuff on line

    but before checking all your swing movements go through the basics first
    they are the boring bits but tend to give most reward in correcting faults
    1 aim of club
    2 grip
    3 ball position
    4 alignment
    5 posture

    if one or more of these is out then it ain’t gonna help you long term in trying swing dixes
    good luck

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  • Shawn:

    I had some big problems with a slice in my swing for a while. It was sp uncontrollable that i got lessons. I would get lessons, but what my coach said was to swing as much with my hips instead of my arms. Try that and it will get rid of your slice. I would definently get lessons though.

  • Derf:

    Go to PerfectPowerGolf.com and sign up for the free 30minute short game video. You will also be signed up automatically for the free email video lessons and tips sent out on a regular basis. I have tried several dvd and lesson videos, but this coach made the most sense to me and gave me tips that changed my game immediately. He is not flashy but very matter of fact and his down to earth approach as well and straightforwad swing is responsible for lowering my score over 20 points while increasing the enjoyment I get from playing golf.