What are some drills to do on the driving range?

Question by airjman: What are some drills to do on the driving range?
I’ve heard countless times that simply hitting balls on the driving range is not going to help you as much as doing solid drills. What are some good drills to do while on the range?

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Answer by johnnnyappleseed
Swing without range balls…work on timing, tempo and follow through.

Range balls is what it is…range balls…

Practice visualization…Concentrate on developing the quality of your swing, rather than the results of a range ball in flight.

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  • Tirata B:

    To begin with, at your home you should watch a golf-tournament TV program as well as choose a favourite golfer’s swing and record his or her swing picture on VD or CD-Rom. Then, you turn on your computer to watch this swing for several times before getting to driving range. When you are in the driving range you image the swing in your head and swing by your heart, not to forget recalling of the favourite golfer’s tempo, setting, back-swing, down-swing, impacting a ball, and following through. Your brain will be contained this swing picture by practising this mental imagery program repeated, when you want to perform golf swing your brain will order your muscle doing as your favourite golfer’s swing.

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  • Dan from Philippines:

    best is get a pro to teach ya all the basics at a driving range
    this way all your errors will be corrected & you will learn the sport the right way

  • Mike:

    Is it my imagination or do you have 4 replies and no answers to you question?
    The most important thing in range work is replicate situations you will see on the course. When you are warming up get focused on targets, hit different flags with different clubs. I like to start with SW. I hit 5-6 balls to a very short target. Then PW, I hit 5-6 to 90-110. After that I pick targets, and the appropriate club. With driver, pick out a fairway between two flags and try to draw or fade a driver into that target.
    1 I love to hit the ball picker.
    2 To work on “feel” try to hit 3 clubs to the same flag. For example hit a PW, 9i and 8i to a flag to the same flag.
    3 Have a closest to the pin contest with a friend.
    4. Find some bad lies, heavy rough, ball above and below you feet.
    5. Try a ladder drill. Hit 3 balls each with SW through 7i. Hit one easy, stock and hard. Try to keep them all on line to the same target.

    Above all, do lots of short game work. Try hitting 20 balls to the same flag, or just hit one ball to different flags. Try to alternate flop shots and low pitch and runs. Hit off tight lies, and heavy rough.

    Good Luck!

  • Pat B:

    I like Mike’s drills. Rule of thumb is that at least 50% of any range time is putting and chipping. Short game drill is to hit 5 shots to a 30 yd spot, then pick another spot 10 yds further, then another 10 then another 10 yds. Get that groove on the short shots that are not a full swing of the club. I also take a few min. with my 5 iron and 7 iron hitting those half to three quarter punch shots you use to recover to gain confidence and know the distances. Another drill is to play the golf course on the range, alternating between your driver and irons and wedges to match the holes on your course. You can keep an imaginary score and note your trouble spots. Finally, don’t forget your bunker shots. Both greenside and fairway bunker shots to build that confidence. Range work is all about building confidence in a repeatable swing. Does not have to be pretty or perfect, just most predictable.

  • joebloe:

    Watch this video very carefully. If you can duplicate this swing consistantly you will have great success at golf.