What are good golf clubs and how much should I expect them to cost?

Question by Jessica C: What are good golf clubs and how much should I expect them to cost?
Hi, my husband loves to golf, but needs new clubs. I don’t know anything about golf, but I would like to surprise him for our anniversary with a new set. What are some good brands, and how much can I expect to spend?

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Answer by Larry G
as a top 100 clubfitter in the world i feel the best off the rack clubs are mizuno. for a low handicap the mp67 or mp60n irons,for a mid handicap the mx25 irons for a high handicap the mx900 irons, the mx500 driver and the f50 frairway woods are excellent also. for irons 3-pw you can expect to pay 699,to 999, a set.make sure whoever you get them from can also fit the lie angle to your husband. larry g.

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  • Rick W:

    Wow, you better be careful. If he has not dropped any hints as to the brand name it’s almost better to get a gift certificate or maybe set him up with custom clubs that are fitted to his size. Also, if he has been playing a long time and is in need of quality clubs, there are great sets from titleist, taylor made, mizuno, callaway, nike, etc. for just a set of irons you are looking at 400 to 1200 dollars depending on if you get last years model, sales, and what brand. I recommend finding out what he likes and needs and looking on ebay before you go spend twice as much in a golf store. I got a brand new set of last season model irons by tommy armour. Original 800 dollars in a store and I paid just over 200 dollars.

    It’s nice to surprise him but if you don’t at least have an idea of what he wants, I think it’s better to ask and let the cat out of the bag.

  • tarheelsjordan:

    Yea get him a gift certificate, choosing golf clubs is almost as important as choosin a spouse to some ppl, no offense…but get him about a $ 1200 certificate or $ 500.

  • tottito:

    Well depends on your budget in fact you can find good clubs on any price range if your willing to spend the big bucks go for Nike, Taylormade,Cobra,Cleveland wich are the most pupular cause of young succesfull players on the tour, ( tiger woods, Sergio garcia, Camilo villegas, Justin Rose) but if hes like an older traditional guy go for callaway , titliest older brands like that . thats my advice if your willing to spend around 1000 – 1800 but if you want to spend alot less go for wilson, dunlop, adams, penn who sell like combo bags with all the basic clubs one needs , and spend 450 or less.

  • zappjean:

    The best kind of clubs are different for every golfer. Ping is probably the best for me. Others are Nike, Callaway, Titleist and theres much more but the prices range from 150 dollars to 5000 dollars.

  • jen:

    I golf Vulcan clubs i love the irons and i went to a hammy putter.

  • Brian M:

    Don’t even consider choosing his clubs for him. Clubs are so individual and high end clubs do require proper fitting by a professional. Callaway, Ping and Taylor made are amongst the best but Mizuno, Hogan and Adams amongst other are good as well.
    Go to the nearest discount golf store in your area and get a $ 1,500. gift certificate. You could get away with less or pay even more it is all about your budget. If you want a complete set of top end clubs, expect to pay $ 1,000 for a good set of Irons, $ up to 1,000 for a good set of 3 woods (metals), $ 200 each for any Hybrids, $ 200 for a putter and $ 500 for a set of wedges. A matching manufactures bag would run around $ 250.
    You decide how much he will decide what. That will work.

  • mike m:

    better quality, more quantity

  • Nica Martinez:

    Good golf clubs are really expensive. Like Callaway, Ping, Titleist, TaylorMade, Nike, Cleveland etc.maybe about 100 to 200 dollars.