what are 10 safety equipment for golf?

Question by bird: what are 10 safety equipment for golf?
Explain why it is safe.
What is the most important equipment to have?

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Answer by strup
The only safety equipment in golf is yourself. You control when you hit a ball, and most of the time the general direction and distance. In terms of on course, there are usually nets to protect golfers on a tee box that may be exposed to an adjacent hole. Other than that there really is not anything in terms of safety. Oh, yelling Fore, that is the biggest thing, because the chances of a ball actually hitting a person is very low, but letting them know a ball is hurdling towards their general location is a good idea.

Not sure if by equipment you mean what you need to play if that is so here is the top ten list:
– Set of clubs – golf bag – golf balls – tees – golf glove – golf shoes – most importantly to any golfer is golf attire (collared shirt and khakis) Have fun and enjoy playing

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