Trump Turnberry Ailsa Golf Course

Play Trump Turnberry thanks to YourGolfTravel with this great offer, Trump Turnberry Ailsa Golf Course with Ma…
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25 Responses to “Trump Turnberry Ailsa Golf Course”

  • AJ:

    Being a female golfer myself, absolutely loved to see the addition of a
    female golfer in the match, more for me to relate to. May we expect to see
    more female golfers in your vids in the future? Also, love to see people
    all bundle up to play cold weather golf. I struggle to swing in layers of
    clothes and the jackets interfere with chipping and putting. 

  • Logan Edwards:

    For 180 pounds you could hit it hit like Rory on the first two holes! 

  • Ben Crinion:

    10 You’d be gutted if you paid £180 then got aerated greens.

  • Douglas Smith:

    I’ve played there and I feel soooo money supermarket 

  • Toby Palmer:

    A special for Crossfields channel! A legendary links and a european tour
    player!! Love these match play vids, keep it up Parfield!

  • Paul Crawford:

    Loved the Crossfield/Lockey massive pegging it up on a wee links doon the

  • Tony Tanti:

    Why aren’t the guys playing from the rips and the girl playing from the
    Reds…waste of time to play from the whites

  • Jeff Jeffery:

    Sophie’s follow-through is the slowest I’ve ever seen. I’m not saying
    that’s a bad thing (far be it from me…) I just wasn’t expecting it to be
    like that.

    I thought my PC was on a go-slow just at that point. :D

  • Hdw1998:

    #sausagefest #bukakke

  • G Garrett:

    Blockey has a different wardrobe on for each hole

  • 88Beats:

    Terrible time to try and showcase a course lol should have made this video
    after the greens were up to par.

  • gavinoc4:

    Your golf travel bringing down the vlog again with horrible playing

  • ubb4me:

    If I traveled 4 hours and paid 180 pounds I would be really pissed. I dont
    care if its for 2 rounds if both courses were aerated and sanded.

  • Sir Jimmy Saville:

    Nice bit of Ass, bit old for my tastes though. I say, I say!

  • HeidisBrother:

    Sophie is a cool chick!

  • Voodoo Six:

    are those Mark’s JPX EZs back in the bag?

  • P-M Meiners:

    Great stuff guys, Sophie!!! 

  • Matt Pretty:

    Rory can you give me some tips on how to hit a straight drive? Oh no wait
    I’ll ask my cat. 

  • Mark Cheyne:

    Great to see u guys up in my neck of the woods, plenty more great courses
    up the west coast. Played Turnberry loads and never played the same, loads
    of bunkers added for the last Open there, Enjoy guys.

  • Maxwell Corcoran:

    Rory is a fantastic character. I would love to see what he is like in real
    life. His Alan Partridge style golf character makes for fabulous viewing!
    Keep it going “Rory”

  • silverN gunz:

    Still don’t understand how everytime they say “oh i ripped that one!” off
    the teebox it maybe carries 250. Yet Parfields drive on hole two he was
    super disappointed with yet he railed it nearly 300 yrds!!! wtf? lol

  • Louis DeSantis:

    Great video as always. I’ve tried watching other course videos on other
    channels and usually don’t make it through more than a couple of minutes
    before checking to see if your next video is out yet. Keep them coming!
    Great fun to watch. 

  • Ed Stevens:

    I’m confused…where’s the links?

  • gavinoc4:

    Rory golf fairways up the left and right and out of bounds straight 

  • Stu Dunn:

    14:30 best part.