Tour Striker Tip – Hitting Your Driver Longer – Crack The Whip

Thank you for watching the Tour Striker Golf Channel! These videos are truly a joy to make, and I hope they will help improve your game. However, nothing beats face-to-face, hands-on learning….

25 Responses to “Tour Striker Tip – Hitting Your Driver Longer – Crack The Whip”

  • Isaac Workman:

    You have no release, but great video. 

  • Bruno Langemann:

    Hi Martin,
    I’ve got 2 of your instructional videos. Some of the best instructions
    ever.A question. A lot of us trying to improve get stuck on staying in the
    spine angle and not allowing the move you describe “the left side coming up
    allowing the whipping action or proper release to happen. Any opinion or
    further help on this?


  • Michael McClain:

    Tour Striker Tip – Hitting Your Driver Longer – Crack The Whip:

  • Andrew Porter:

    Great drill. Gives me a great sensation of power as I strike, and also a
    great picture in my mind as I swing.
    Making me hit it very solidly, although I tend to be slightly thinning more
    than I flush so far. 

  • Lionel M O P:

    This is the first time I ever saw a video explaining the shoulder movement.
    I could see all the profs end up the swing from low to high but never
    understood how to do it. I’ll try it straight away. Thank you.

  • FairwayJack:

    is there a thrust of the hips at the point of snap ??

  • lifeson241:

    awesome, I always had a problem of De cellerating at that point

  • FairwayJack:

    Great vid…awesome !!… I struggle with early extension….I think I’m
    seeing you extend out the target whereas I have been extending at the
    ball…thx for clearing this up

  • steelpanther88:

    does this thing work with long irons as well, not only short irons?

    long irons such as 6-i and below

  • Buddy Holly:

    Good grief Laddie what a great Demonstration nice and simple even I can
    understand the logic

  • D Waldron:

    Great tip! My only concern though is your title includes “..Hitting Your
    Driver Longer..”. Any particular reason for using an iron instead in the
    video? The driver is a bit more tricky to swing and release compared to an
    iron, so would have liked to see the complete instruction using a driver
    instead to compare apples to apples. Thanks

  • Blane DeLoach:

    thanks Martin.. is this similar to what mike bender teaches regarding the

  • amfohr:

    Problem is most already lost the angle at 8.00 and have nothing to snap

  • Stina Annerstedt:

    Hello Martin,
    I just want to thank you for all your instructions on YouTube.
    I have visited many other instructions, including those I had to pay for.
    In my opinion you are outstanding in explaining what is important, even
    though I’m not qualified to make that statement since I’m a beginner (just
    playing three years) and I’m also an elderly woman. Anyhow my hcp is now
    reduced from 36 t0 14.5, but I hope to lower it more in the coming years.
    Kind regards

  • Dennis Gibbons:

    After watching this, I grabbed a couple of clubs and a handful of balls,
    went out and just fiddled around on a couple of holes. Honestly, this is
    the first time I’ve understood what’s going on with that ‘snap’. Martin,
    you keep it so simple, and I’ll be doing the drill for a few days until
    it’s ingrained. Many thanks!

  • Graham Wiles:

    This is great teaching. Thanks.

  • Andy Kim:

    I have been teaching fly fishing casting almost exactly what you are saying
    here but never tried that on golf. I will give it a try on next time and
    hope this will help finding my potential 300 yrs plus drive : ) BTW you
    will have no trouble learning fly casting knowing this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ross Wolpin:

    I hit my furthest shots when I snap my left leg straight. But then my knee
    gets soar by the end of the round. Isn’t this why Tiger needed knee
    surgery? It works, but I don’t play golf for a living and don’t want to get

  • Richard Montfort:

    Nobody teaches the transition better then this guy.

  • MizunoMP53:

    I think the correct terminology of your catapult is trebuchet. Thanks for
    the great tip.

  • Richard Montfort:

    Love the sound of that Strike!

  • Ewan Fallon:

    Martin to make the towel crack I have to pull back with my hands.

  • brofun:

    thanks for this…I have found that when I concentrate on snapping my left
    leg straight at just the right time, I add thrity yards to my irons and
    don’t hit fat shots…I will try this drill right now (heading out the door
    in a minute)…thanks chuck. I appreciate that you don’t talk too much,
    but say what needs to be said…so many other instructors yak yak yak..and
    than yak some more!..keep up the good work.