Torrey Pines golf course vlog. Piers and Andy head to Torrey Pines to play. Check out the amazing views at this fantastic golf course. SUBSCRIBE to MeAndMyGo…

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • ukjunglist26:

    Piers please put your hat on the right way round. You’re not 14 anymore! ´╗┐

  • Johan Klarin:

    Love the video. Amazing track of course. Although I’m confused by the “sea”
    view you keep referring to… That would be the ocean. ­čÖé ´╗┐

  • Bart Vertrees:

    I’ve played Torre Pines several times (both courses) and I can tell you
    that there are lots of courses that can compare with it.
    One that comes to mind is Los Verdes, up near LA, on the Palos Verdes
    Peninsula. I live in South Carolina now. There are tons of courses here,
    but they lack the elevations and interesting landscape of the courses
    in Southern California. ´╗┐

  • Sgt Pepper:

    U can actually tag your club after u have hit your shot on game golf as
    long as u stood in the same place it will give u the correct yardage…´╗┐

  • Victor Navarrette:

    Hey Piers and Andy, welcome to California!!! I love Torrey Pines and was
    fortunate to walk with Bill Haas on Sunday a year after he won the FedEx
    Cup. I have a feeling you’re heading to Trump National on Friday, right? If
    so, keep it down the middle because left or right will cost you strokes. I
    hope you get to play Riviera CC. A historic course I’ve had the opportunity
    to play and won the ProAm with DJ this year. I wish I could join you for a
    round of golf. Big fan. Victor´╗┐

  • Malcolm Green:

    Hi Guys been watching your tour and really enjoying it. Wolverhampton is
    still here! I am compelled to write re Pier’s hat!!! Mike is also not
    impressed that your standards have slipped and at Torry Pines, shame on
    you. Next you won’t take it off to shake hands at the end of game like most
    other Americans!!! Joke´╗┐

  • Bulldognm:

    These are nice courses, but Michigan has way more quality golf than Cali,
    the only downside is that you only have a 4/5 month window to play, till
    “old man winter” comes in. Plus the prices are way more reasonable.´╗┐

  • Sgt Pepper:

    U can actually tag your club after u have hit your shot on game golf as
    long as u stood in the same place it will give u the correct yardage…´╗┐

  • teddy26yorks:

    Hi lads.
    Very jealous you played Torrey Pines, it’s high up on the bucket list.
    Quick question about game golf. Does the sensor know when your swinging the
    club? As I noticed you were tagging while lining up the shot a few paces
    behind the ball. I only ask as I can imagine it’s hard to put into your
    routine if you have to tag while addressing the ball.
    Btw, did Torrey Pines really let you wear the hats the wrong way?
    I know I’d get thrown off my home course if I did that.´╗┐

  • Martin Moore:

    Hi Guys. Did they not allow you to film the round properly One of the best
    courses in the world and we only saw a small percentage of it. this vid
    should have been a 4/5 parter with each one 30 mins and included all your
    shots. An opportunity lost I feel. Still love your though :-)´╗┐

  • joe ahn:

    Just watched your VLOG while eating lunch in my office. I really enjoyed
    watching, for a moment I felt like I was in sunny California. I also got a
    great sense of your tempo and balance on your golf swings. Looking forward
    to your next posting.´╗┐

  • Tony Atkinson:

    Another great vlog lads, its like being there with you.. I have 2 questions
    1st what scores did you post? and the 2nd The song you overlay who is it I
    really like it and Shazam does not find it?´╗┐

  • Richard Gaule:

    Is the north course where they play the pga tour event ? ´╗┐


    Man Torrey Pines just got pimped by the U.K lol!!! You guys need to make a
    movie for real you live awesome lives. Call it A.P. Golf! ´╗┐

  • richie loan:

    you two must feel like absolute wankers wearing the same clothes, if not
    then there is definate bed sharing going on between you and touching.´╗┐

  • Alife EU:


  • Gary Scott Wishart:

    when i win the elusive lotto ill def get there ­čÖé great video guys..
    loving your trip´╗┐

  • shaunsape:

    You need to tag the game golf at the same place of your ball because where
    ever u buzz then that thinks you are hinting from where you tag the shot on
    game golf´╗┐

  • Robert Dore:

    The reason they have to get up so early is that Torrey Pines gets PACKED!
    Remember that this is a municipal course, possibly the best I’ve ever

  • Matt Vallance:

    Go shopping and get some more matching clothes.´╗┐

  • Robert Holmes:

    the name of the song is hello sunshine by ron boustead´╗┐

  • Alec Ierullo:

    Another great vid guys! I love watching you guys hit!´╗┐

  • john malone:

    Piers always ends up with the backwards cap…lol´╗┐

  • sk8monster66:

    What did you shoot´╗┐

  • Tom Blake:

    Wanted a more detailed course episode, playing out each hole.´╗┐

  • Leftienige Blank:

    At 11:47 James rolls a ball to show Mark the line of his putt .
    Penalty in matchplay : – loss of hole , possibly disqualification , in
    some schools , death .´╗┐

  • P-M Meiners:

    Great finish guys! Very entertaining.´╗┐

  • Christopher Chedzoy:

    18:16… Nice little f-bomb from Pritch!! Followed by a “I might have just
    sworn at Ben”. Class as always chaps! #winnerwinnerchickendinner´╗┐

  • kf:

    Great series! Awesome course! Would love to see you include a still shot
    for a few seconds of some of the picturesque views you have tried to
    capture on video. The panning seems to be so quick that it doesn’t do the
    views justice! A few seconds of a still would look great to include on
    your FCP edit. Keep those travels coming! Hope you get down to play some
    warm courses during the winter as well! Spain, then hop on over to this
    side of the pond for some Florida and maybe even Mexico courses? If not
    this winter, maybe next! #CancunCrossfield #LosCabosLockey
    #PuertoVallartaPickard #RioGrandeRory ´╗┐

  • SmashYourGolfHandicap:

    Was pleased to see James nail that 6 iron at the end, we’ve all had days
    like that mate. Great to see the Crossfield putting magic back! Well done
    all – great videos! Pete

  • Vici Martynov:

    Great fun, I always enjoy these but, this time I really wished i was
    playing ;-)´╗┐

  • spud_.308:

    New to channel, thanks for the good lessons. GR8 job to you scratch golfers
    on a difficult top 100 course. How about a peek at the scorecard (par,
    distances, slope, rating)´╗┐

  • liam f:

    Nice vids, great course, perfect weather´╗┐

  • Syd Nichols:

    Darren & Ben should be included more often. Two good golfers.´╗┐

  • Dan Muldoon:

    Beautiful course but tough! Don’t miss the fairway but even if you don’t
    you can have some very challenging lies. Nice work with the putter, Mark. ´╗┐

  • jscott811:

    That course looked awesome. Would like to see a rematch, “yes please”!!!

  • Michael Ruppel:

    what a course. great playing boys´╗┐

  • Glyn Taylor-Williams:

    I think Pickard has a lot of humour he doesn’t unleash upon the camera…
    secretely might be the funniest´╗┐

  • Bill Mcauley:

    Brilliant guys lol ..good laugh and what a course ..stunning´╗┐

  • heshmaster:

    Mark “DreamCrusher” Crossfield! Poor guys didn’t stand a chance against
    that putting, and the birdie at the last hole was truly the final nail in
    the coffin.´╗┐

  • Paul Seaton:

    Hi mark love the vids. Be great to see you play some of my local courses in
    the chesterfield and Sheffield area some nice parkland courses around here.

  • Craig Boesinger:

    Awesome left handed drive Mark!´╗┐

  • Steven Palmer:

    11min 49 secs….bit cheeky of James to move the ball then roll the putt to
    show Crossfield the line….subtle :P´╗┐

  • Andrew Simpson:

    #16, James drives it 250 then thinks he can hit it 290 off the fairway!?
    Dream on! Backed up by Puttfield hit a good 5 wood 210 leaving 80 and the
    pro’s call us Ams dreamers! Guess they are shop keepers :-)´╗┐

  • riggaz1:

    How are you getting on with that Mizuno Mark?´╗┐

  • Fernando Trovarelli Biagi:

    Another excellent course vlog Mark. Great group of guys!!! Keep it up!!!
    Missing Buzza tho´╗┐

  • wombatman88:

    #thecrushingdreamteam ´╗┐

  • Ball Sack:

    I love how the video ends with 2 guys hugging and pretending to cry…then
    mark saying ‘if you like what’s going on here’ lmao´╗┐

  • Eric:

    Fun series, Mark. Thanks. Quick edit; Did you hurt your shoulder? You’ve
    been releasing your driver nearly every other shot after the follow
    through. ´╗┐

  • stu:

    On the winning hole. James missed a putt and an then clearly out of the
    hole. He then pushed his ball in the same line as Marks and then putted
    out. This was clearly done to give Mark the line. Is this allowed in this
    format of the game. ´╗┐