To golf or not to golf????

Question by golferbabe93: To golf or not to golf????
i just starting playing golf(signed up for this like clinic thing)
and at the highschool they said they won’t cut 1st years. the thing is im not really that great… i do enjoy golfing tho. should
i play next year or not. and if i did about how much would it cost: like what kind of grade clubs would you need in high school and stuff???
would something like this be acceptable:
not sure if their big enough im only about 5 ft tho
or this
also is it better to get a set or buy individual clubs???

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Answer by SportsMAD
Definately go to your local golf range and get a couple of lessons from a pro. They’ll tell you exactly which clubs will be best for you and you won’t start to develope bad habits from teaching yourself!

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  • MBA dog:

    The truth is, if you really like to golf, and you love golf, deep from your heart, I would invest the money and buy a very good set of clubs. I’m not saying the two sets you listed are bad, but they won’t get you anywhere and although Wilson makes good clubs, those clubs you listed can be depressing. Even as young as you are, you deserve a very good set of golf clubs. Again that is if you really love golfing.

    2nd note: When you buy golf clubs, don’t buy a complete set unless you’re buying top notch Nike, Callaway or Taylor Made. Why? There are many brands and types of golf clubs out there. My first set was a Dunlop Vista. No forgiveness and the graphite shaft felt very stiff. The driver was also somewhat lopsided. Now I just bought an used set from My drivers are Cobra, irons & LW are MacGregor, and a Dunlop putter (which is pretty good).

    Now with that being said, if money is really an issue, then yes, I would prefer the Wilson set over the Cougar.

  • Hitch-Hiker:

    Golf. The answer is always to golf. Take your questions and ambition to a large golf center. Something like Golfsmith or Golf Galaxy (the links will take you to the store locator page of each). There you can get fitted or at least pointed in the right direction for you. Don’t start blowing cash on lessons until you are sure you want to. Work on it at first by yourself to see what you can come up with. You will be coached in high school so you need not worry there. Just buy some clubs and head out to the range and work on developing a swing. If it feels like nothing is going right try and take a lesson or two but get into it yourself first, that’s my suggestion.

  • Brookewith4:

    I am very new to this sport. I just picked up my hubby’s clubs one day and tried a few swings. I then went and played a full round before I decided to spend any more on them. I liked it and so I went and got the Wilson club set. I love it. I have played my hubby 3 times and beat his score. You know if you like it enough to play without sinking a lot of money into it. I enjoy it a ton. I like my clubs. I like my precept pink balls. I am about to take lessons (2 exactly) to help improve. But you have the advantage of being taught on the HS team. One thing that was a must for me – a glove. Until you learn your grip and how to hold the club, you will blister.

    I hope you enjoy the game and GOOD LUCK

  • Billy: Check out this website. It might help