The Longest Golf Driver 2014

The Longest Golf Driver 2014

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Geoff, Michael, Ray, and Ryan begin their golfing journey in Let’s Play – Powerstar Golf Part 1. RT Store: Rooster Teeth: http…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

32 Responses to “The Longest Golf Driver 2014”

  • Golfsupport TV:

    Hi Bobby both Big Berthas are fantastic to be honest. the alpha was the
    longest. But the standard Big Bertha was incredible. very forgiving.

  • Bobby Parson:

    Need help… 87 mile an hour Driver speed, 220 YRDs or more. 65 % of the
    time i am in the fairway or close to it, wanting to know what Driver in
    order do you believe would be good for me ? Covert 2, Cobra Bio Cell, BB,
    OR Titleist D2 ? and any others you RECOMMEND PLEASE… Thx…

  • John Malihi:

    You forgot to test the Ping I25 which has been beating almost anything that
    it challenges. I would like to see how far you can hit it with the indoors
    set up.

  • Joe Van Huynh:

    What is your favorite driver club in your bag?

  • LozKnutsen:

    Hi, thanks for this test. An interesting set of results. You’re obviously a
    very strong hitter. Did you use stock shafts and if so at what flex? If
    they were stock did you have a particular favourite? I’m particularly
    interested in the Covert 2.0 and BBA, even prior to seeing your test. I
    swing at about 105 at was considering the stock stiff in both. Was recently
    fitted at the national fitting centre for KBS Tour X in a set of MP-54s. Is
    it worth trying X in a driver. I’m 6’4″ with a fairly smooth swing. Thanks.

  • Joe Van Huynh:

    Where is Callaway X2 Pro driver? I saw you hit Callaway X2 Pro was
    357 total yard on show other youtube but Why you said Alpha was 342 total
    yard number 1 longest? I don’t get it.

  • Triant Steuart:

    You must get your hands on the new Driver from Krank Golf, I just got mine
    and it kills my old drivers.

  • Peter Tiszkus:

    i get that their bored and all with this game but i hate when they talk in
    a video about how boring it is and how they want to go do other stuff, for
    gods sake they’re getting paid to play the game and make it funny can’t
    they do that without complaining

  • pendragonmalasia:

    It’s really, REALLY weird how identical this game is to Mario Golf for

  • funnymahem:

    So i never fell asleep during an achievement hunter lets play before, I’ll
    just mark this down as a rare moment that will never happen again.

  • NinjaPups:

    Does anyone have any good ideas for new series I should start on the AH
    Community Channel? I have some ideas but I figured I’d ask to see if anyone
    had any good ideas! 🙂 Thanks!

  • The Vaseline God:

    I know no one cares, but I like the other one better. This one just isn’t
    as exciting. It’s to “golfy”, not “mini-golfy”.

  • redninja00:

    Not enough interaction with each other in this game and there’s too much
    friendliness. At times, it just feels like Ray is showing his friends how
    to play the game. I wouldn’t mind if part 2 didn’t come out.

  • Knob-creek!:

    What does the BM stand for in Ryan’s gamer tag? 

  • MegaBubba22:

    3D Ultra Minigolf was my favorite Let’s Play series. I don’t know about
    this one. It’s just not the same :(

  • iK1NG:

    Have a feeling the people who will enjoy this series are the people who
    enjoyed 3D Ultra Minigolf.

    I happen to be one of those people.

    Mogar for the win.

  • Jake Bucks:

    I wasn’t really paying attention to the title and I thought it said
    Pornstar golf part 1. Silly me.

  • SuperBeanSquad:

    Geoff: “Son of a Fuck!”

    Aren’t all guys sons of a fuck?

  • Carlos Trujillo:

    Ryan’s Heist? Ghost Recon? Life? Lets Build ep 100? Play Pals? AND Golf?
    This week is awesome!! The only thing that will make it better is that they
    show the tunnel in Minecraft!

  • Timmzy27:

    The ancient old Scottish rule of golf: Get the bawl in the hawl.

  • MrKennyCakemouth:

    There are some Lets Plays (excluding the regulars like Minecraft and GTA)
    that Achievement Hunter do so well; Worms, Golf, and any game show lets
    play, I could watch these forever

  • L.R.C:

    whats up with these golf games giving all the chicks stick legs
    um hi

  • Jeff E:

    I know nobody gives a fuck but huh i’m watching 2 lets plays right now this
    one and there Tom Clancy’s ghost recon:Future solider Co-Op 

  • MeximanandAsianator:

    After one person said Hercules I chanted Hercules Hercules Hercules with
    Michael! Never going to happen again..

  • PressFjartToContinue:


  • ELITE082:

    Mini Golf > Real Golf

  • Romanji's Let's Plays:

    BOY can’t wait for that Full-play coming up soon, right?. . . Right guys?.
    . . Moikhal Plheeze

  • SebastopolQueen:

    Let’s Play’s is not good without Gavin.

  • Mattym9287:

    This just looks like a bad Everybody’s Golf to me.

  • Specialist01:

    I’m guessing Gus’ gamertag is Colonel Panicx?
    I also noticed Stallion83 is on Ray’s friends list 0__0 Holy cow.

  • Austin Bridge:

    You know what I just realized? We are getting Let’s Plays every day now.

  • MrZsemle:

    I don’t understand how that bar works when player hits the ball.