The Golf Swing Weekly Fix The Golf Grip

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29 Responses to “The Golf Swing Weekly Fix The Golf Grip”

  • Stephen Matthews:

    Great video Mark. I used to grip the club the way you explained in the
    video but was told by a pro I got lessons from saying the right hand was
    weak and to far over on the club. I was hitting all my irons well with my
    so called weak grip. But I listened to what I was told because I wanted to
    hit my driver better, that’s why I got the lesson in the first place. I
    changed my grip amongst other things in my swing because of this and it
    really screwed my game up. I developed a whole load of bad habits in my
    swing like you mentioned to counteract the poor grip I had changed to. I’m
    going to try going back to the right hand being more on the top of the club
    and see how things go. Hopefully everything will fall into place again and
    I’ll start hitting the shots I used to hit like throwing darts. Arrow
    straight! Love the blogs with you and the guys playing the different
    courses too the patter is brilliant!

  • Darren Shaw:

    Great video again , this video literally took 14 shots off my round the
    first time I tried it , looking forward to putting it into practice more. 

  • Josh Leech:

    Mark, please keep up the great work. This video in particular has done
    wonders for my game. When you explain the result of a poor grip (or swing
    plane or whatever) it helps us diagnose what we are doing wrong. Thanks for
    taking the time to explain. The biggest thing people need to do is TRUST.
    Trust that the change will work and not try and “correct” something that
    feels weird at first by making a poor compensation. 

  • Daniel Suter:

    I was having an issue with a closed club face and pulling shots to my left
    all the time (I’m right handed). Watched this video and tried the right
    hand tip to make my grip more neutral. Tried once at range and results was
    instant. Brilliant video, thanks! Also saw your video of xmas challenge at
    Honinton Golf club, wanted to play there. Played Windwhistle which is that
    way a few times and also Bridport golf club. Nice part of country for golf.

  • Theguitarwhiz:

    I have that grip Marks talking about, well I have a neutral grip but i
    change it at the top of my backswing, and also at the top of my backswing I
    have my wrists far too bent so I can see the club head in my left eye at
    the top of the backswing! so this means I tend to push the ball because I
    don’t release the club head enough.. 

  • Nay D:

    great post mark.. any videos on hands on impact

  • Coochicoo:

    Oh em gee! Just watched this and realised my grip is all wrong. Both hands
    way too much under the club. Hope it stops me hitting left all the time.
    Need to get down the range.

  • Dean Stubbs:

    Im a right handed player but i put my right hant to the top of the club and
    my left below it i see you do it the other way around, i tried it that way
    and it just doesn’t feel natural. Will it really make a difference

  • Gerard Janos:

    Mark, Greetings from across the pond. I found your videos over a month
    ago and I must say I really enjoy watching them. This video on grip is
    really fantastic and it’s like you made it for me. I’m 49 years old and
    play off a 9 handicap and generally shoot in the low 80s but occasionally
    slip into the mid-high 70s with my record round a 74. My ball flight this
    year has been low and i hit it reasonably straight or with a draw. My miss
    is an over cooked draw that can lead to a big # on the card. Over the
    years I’ve kept a diary of what’s working on what’s not and after having
    watched this video I went back to my diary and sure enough there was an
    entry 10 years ago stating get back to neutral fixed my draw/hook problem.
    I know my swing and am athletic enough to do some or all of the
    compensating techniques you described and on good days I can play quite
    well although my ball flight is lower than I would desire. Thanks for
    the reminder and I know getting to more neutral with my right hand in
    particular will really help with my ball flight and my misses. What this
    has taught me is that i naturally want to feel that strong right hand and
    if not careful it will creep back into my swing. 

  • Tim Crowdy:

    One of the best grip instructions I have listened to.

  • Vance Cooper:

    Hello Mark Crossfield. I have a question regarding the right had grip. I
    have a very strong right had grip as mentioned in your video. I find it
    hard to wrap my right had around like stated because my wrist is some what
    stiff and unflexable for a lack of better words. Do you have any
    suggestions for drills or stretches to increase flexibility? Thanks and
    your videos are very informative and entertaining. 

  • TheFathusky:

    Im working on changing my Grip to more neutral like youve shown. Im a 1
    handicap and Always been a very strong gripper out of habit and have all
    the moves you mention to counteract that..and yer right when I try to fix
    those moves my ball goes lefter than left. I will keep working on my grip.

  • Chad Moran:

    You described everything I do wrong. I try and change my grip and it’s no
    difficult. I feel like I can’t control the club, almost like it’s moving in
    my backswing then I regrip. Very frustrating. 

  • shermski77:

    MC dropping serious knowledge

  • antnbc:

    I’ve just changed my grip as described in the video, and yes it’s hard to
    get used to! Great tips though, I’ll use those next time I’m at the range.
    Thank you Mark

  • jwreese225:

    Mark, I am a right handed golfer and suffer from the left shots as well. I
    am very guilty of changing my grip in the middle of my swing and often on
    the set up. I will work on this issue but was wondering if the size of the
    grip is an issue as well. I often feel lost in the grip, meaning I don’t
    feel comfortable and feel like the grip is undersized. I am currently
    hitting the Callaway X Forged with Golf Pride Tour Velvet. Do you think
    switching to a medium grip would be beneficial? I wear a large glove and
    the fitting chart on the Golf Pride website has me at a midsize or even
    jumbo. I don’t want to struggle to deliver the club. 

  • Todd Brown:

    so a strong grip is frowned upon? I have a very strong grip and it works
    great for me. I hit the ball straight and long unlike how you said golfers
    with a strong grip tend to pull their shots. So what could I be doing to
    still get a straight ball out of my strong grip?

  • Harry O'Donnell:

    This video helped a lot, thank you

  • Ronan Mullane:

    How far down should your left hand be on the grip. A half an inch from the
    top of the club has been recently suggested to me as i was told that i was
    holding the club too long in my left hand. My grip is neutral so not an
    issue with that aspect. Answers welcome

  • Digby Howis:

    Oooooooh new exit theme

  • Digby Howis:


  • lumi1979:

    thank you very much… your videos helps a lot. the harmony of a golf
    strike is soo hard to achieve. but your helping us so much, it’s

  • volgolfer1960:

    Finally – an explanation that explains my inside takeaway and extension.
    Wonderful. Thank you so much.

  • wantonjr1:

    Wonderful teacher !

  • Andy Barton:

    One of your best!

  • golfadickted:

    Already joined and subscribed to your blogs. Thanks again.

  • golfadickted:

    I can’t watch this and the Mac O’Grady video enough. Thanks for the insight
    and all you do. Keep it up!

  • VideophileII:

    I gave up on conventional instruction a few years ago and instead developed
    a swing that worked for me. And it basically works in the way that you
    teach :)

  • JamesParkerGolf: