The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Club Path and More

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25 Responses to “The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Club Path and More”

  • Sean Groomer:

    I didn’t understand a thing you meant about spine angle!

  • Jason Payne:

    can some people watch my video on my channel and give me some feed back i
    would really appreciate it thanks

  • Joshua Paden:

    I see you have both a Flightscope and a Trackman… Is the X2 comparable or
    no? Would love to hear your input. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  • dalessandrelli:

    Hogan’s Pivot . Mark Evershed

  • oscar cazarez:

    Thanks for the insight. I need help on fading and am curious about the art
    of putting english on the ball.

  • 111raybartlett:

    I really like your explanation of stability at 3:00- 4:00, This gives a lot
    of insight into what I need to do at impact. thanks

  • Threepi80:

    “Think of what to do down there” – that’s what she said.

  • crispybacon501:

    There seems to be a video missing around the 25 min mark, Mark. 🙂

  • dalessandrelli:

    Bit of an editing issue during the last segment 🙂 While I was watching
    your first segment, it reminded me a of a video I watched recently where
    the presenter said that most golfers think that its the spine that is the
    pivot of the golf swing, where the correct pivot point is the left shoulder
    (RH golfer), Take a look.

  • David Schultz:

    The kid with the driver cutting across it gave it a big wack on the toe.

  • Jeret H:

    is it true you taught chuck norris how to golf?…and he didnt try to kill

  • Andi Wa:

    Hey Mark! Love your videos, keep up the good work. Could you do a rewiev on
    putters? Would be really interessting to see or hear your thoughts if there
    is any difference in technologie or forgivness, maybe even compare some
    from different price ranges. Cheers! Greetings from Austria 🙂

  • fnecj3:

    Look forward to Tuesday every week! “let’s get stuck it!”

  • Bryan Settle:

    Put a ball on the ground and place your club on the ball where the ball is
    in the center of the face. Put a tee just outside the toe of your club. Hit
    balls focusing on missing that tee. If you hit the ball and miss the tee,
    impossible to shank. Feel what you are having to do to miss that tee, then
    try and duplicate that feeling in your regular golf swing.

  • mynusss:

    Love the driving drill, can’t wait to try it

  • David Schultz:


  • Kris Halsrud:

    Search in for “4golfonline over the top”

  • Matt Garner:

    Hi mark thanks for the advice on my hips, ( I’m the lad in the red jumper )
    I went to the range on Thursday to practice what you siaid and played in my
    first comps this weekend, sat I was hitting it well but also like you said
    some bad ones but today I shot my best round in 3 years, my driver
    especially is where I used to struggle and I was hitting it further a
    straighter than ever and even 2 or 3 with a Little draw, it’s still a
    working progress but seriously can’t believe how well I hit it,

  • Matt Garner:

    Cobra amp, wasn’t even on my radar when I went to try a load out but
    absolutely love it

  • Mark Miller:

    Hey Mark your videos are amazing you have a great way of making them make
    sense. I realize I am someone that comes over the top and thus hit weak
    slices alot. I was hoping you could make a video for a drill where you can
    work from short chips/pitches into a full swing like you did in this video.

  • Bert:

    Thanks for the drill to cure the over-the-top and over rotation of hip on
    the downswing. I put that thought in on my outing this weekend and it
    drastically improved my ball striking.

  • MasterVidTaker:

    I watch you so much that I have gained an accent? Quite like it! Thanks for
    the vids mate!

  • Hdw1998:


  • Hdw1998:


  • darren james:

    nice video as ever mark….can you perform some sort of weather dance to
    bring on the summer so we can all get out and start enjoying our golf.