The Disc Golf Guy – Vlog #208 – 2nd Round Texas States w/ Wysocki, Ulibarri, McBeth, McCabe

No lead is safe on the PDGA National Tour which is exactly why you see players like Ricky Wysocki never letting down his guard. Paul Ulibarri, Paul McBeth, a…

19 Responses to “The Disc Golf Guy – Vlog #208 – 2nd Round Texas States w/ Wysocki, Ulibarri, McBeth, McCabe”

  • jeffthrow6892:

    Great tournament coverage again……thanks for this!! Looking forward to
    seeing the final round as well. A little weird that the top open card
    didn’t start on hole # 1, wasn’t it?? One last thing…….I shouldn’t
    bitch but, not really liking the occasional — grass cam…..?? 

  • Charles Worl:

    thanks so much for the videos- great coverage!!!

  • Geoffrey McNamara:

    May I ask where is the third round coverage? 

  • Joey Ruffis:

    Great video!! I can’t believe they ruled that in. Lol

  • Gibney Michael:


  • Jump Putts:

    Digging the new intro!

  • Samantha Sickles:

    Good to see the pros fish one out with a stick. Great coverage.

  • Rikard Askbåge:

    why is there no sound the last minutes?

  • keepthe wolvesawayz:

    fucking paul man lol what ever it takes to beat him so very much mcbeast

  • D.J. Ellis:

    Great coverage as always. Appreciate it. Can you please explain what
    happened in the last hole with McBeth? The drive went OB but a provisional
    throw was thrown as well as the shot that was OB. Then, he finished playing
    out both discs. Can someone explain? I’m a bit confused. 

  • Scott Lewis:

    This might have already been addressed, but no one has to second a stance
    violation call when it only results in a warning. Or did Ricky already
    take a stance violation penalty/warning before his tee shot on 16?

    Great footage as always Terry. Awesome that we are getting so much coverage
    already this year!

  • Anthony Hauf:

    Lol Paul is such a bad ass. Whatever it takes to beat Ricky.. you got this
    mcbeast! When’s the third round going to be posted 

  • Nick Hill:

    Great coverage as always and Paul McB played a fantastic round however I
    gotta say Paul U was OB all day long on that hole. Not sure why the rest of
    the group gave in to him but there you go :)

  • peter007crouch:

    this course looks quite boring without the wind..

  • tyler cerrito:

    a little glitch there when they get to the 1st hole around 14 min, missed
    ulibarri’s drive the hole before then it pops up between the other’s drives
    on hole 1..

  • getchos:

    The Disc Golf Guy is AWESOME for getting this edited in less than a day and
    bringing for the most part super clean videos!

    For being Texas Disc Golf this course is SO lame. I visited Austin and few
    weeks back and got 2 rounds in at Circle C and one round at Searight, both
    of which were so much more fun than this wide open boring course. I didn’t
    even get to try Roy G, which is supposed to be another killer course,
    naming three courses that clown this one.

  • Nic Goodman:

    This is some of the best tournament coverage and commentary out there. I
    greatly appreciate your dedication to shooting, editing and uploading your
    product for such a quick turn around!

  • thediscgolfguy:
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