The Differences Between a Two and Three Piece Golf Ball

Many beginner golfers will buy a set of balls without knowing much about them.  There are a lot of famous brands out there and simply picking up a box with a popular name on it is enough to satisfy a new golfer.

However, as a golfer’s game develops, the equipment needs to do the same and the golf ball is one item which requires special attention.

A golf ball comes in several constructions and these have changed over the years with the advancement in technology.  Two of the more common golf ball constructions are two-piece and three-piece golf balls but what are the differences between these balls?

Most everyday golfers will be using a two-piece golf ball.  The ball is usually made from a single solid core, often hard plastic and this is encased in the exterior cover.  These two elements combine to make the golf ball, hence the name ‘two-piece’.

Two-piece golf balls are the cheaper of the two and are great for those who are looking to hit the ball long distances.  These golf balls have greater compression and collapse easily when struck hard, leading to the greater distance.

Three-piece golf balls on the other hand feature a layer of liquid rubber, which sits between the core and the exterior layer of the ball.  The cover on the ball is usually softer than that found on a two-piece golf ball and therefore a three-piece golf ball will not travel as far when struck.

The more advanced design of a three-piece golf ball makes it more expensive but also less durable than a two-piece golf ball.  The harder cover found on a two-piece golf ball makes it more difficult to damage and it will last longer.

While the two-piece golf ball certainly has the advantage in terms of price, distance and durability, it does not come close to a three-piece gold ball for spin and control.

Reduced spin on the ball may help a beginner golfer when learning the sport as hooks and slices will not be as pronounced but for an advanced player, the softer feel of a three-piece ball will help when shaping shots and stopping the ball on the green.

In other words, a three-piece golf ball is great for those players who want extra control over their shots.  Touch and feel around the greens is important and having the chance to shape shots off the tee is a big part of their game, which makes the two-piece ball unsuitable.

So, in conclusion, the two-piece golf ball is great for beginner golfers who need the extra distance off the tee and less spin on the ball whereas the three-piece golf ball is better for advanced players who want full control of their shots.

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