TaylorMade SLDR Driver

TaylorMade SLDR Driver

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50 Responses to “TaylorMade SLDR Driver”

  • Mark Crossfield:

    Taylormade SLDR driver review with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru

  • Mark Crossfield:

    SLDR Taylormade Driver review more reviews to come to test the SLDR rail
    when Mark is back from his hols. 

  • Mark Crossfield:

    Taylormade SDLR driver review with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru

  • Mark Crossfield:

    TaylorMade SLDR driver review. Check it out

  • Scott Bryant:

    IMHO TaylorMade is nothing more than a marketing machine. Too many gadgets
    on their drivers. Seems they are trying to take a sorry swing and try to
    turn it into something great. What’s next? Changing all this stuff on

  • diamnzpuck:

    SLDR Best driver EVER in 10.5 more loft does = more distance with this club.
    Got Alpha Anyone?

  • scottson2:

    With the release of the new SLDR 430 driver, will you be doing a review of

  • WhitemaleOK:

    I am still using a TP superquad. I dont change drivers that often. This
    is the first new driver from taylomade I have felt might do the job. Looks
    like a nice relatively simple driver with a deeper face than most. 

  • Leo Robinson:

    I love taylormade it’s my favoriate

  • tsujimasen:

    Any SLDR TP Fairway or Jetspeed Fairway reviews? Compare to RBZ Stage 2
    Tour TP and RBZ Stage 2 Fairway woods (respectively) please!

  • Cameron Smith:

    i agree taylor made have more clubs out than my corner shop has sweeties
    only thing is they charge a fortune for them and five mins later there’s an
    update!! good clubs but too expensive 

  • Chris Turnbull:

    Not a Taylormade fan but this driver is in my bag. ball speed went up
    straight away.
    used titleist gear all my golfing life and had no hesitation to take my 913
    out of the bag. Cheers.

  • Michael Allgeier:

    I love the sport of golf and i think this driver will help me out a lot
    with the slidable weight to help with my accuracy and because the weight is
    in the front it help you get distance that is what i think of the sldr

  • TheKoloc:

    I am of the same opinion as Jennifer. The name is the Slider and you did
    not show the effect of the slider at all. That the driver isn’t white is
    obvious, whether it works as advertised would be interesting to know….
    not much of a “review”…

  • 1rumbler:

    Just upgraded to this driver and im lovibg it

  • EliteMonsterVideos:

    I don’t think this is going in my bag anytime soon

  • james eadie:

    Mark This is the same as the old Mizuno which had the two adjustable
    slidding weights on the heel what old hat, Taylormade lack ideas
    regenerating old rubbish. . Mizuno seem to be the leaders in development.
    The year before it was an R1

  • TherymasterWidnes:

    Jesus Mark, if you could play as well as you ramble, you’d be world number

  • Bro Cookie:

    I just got my TaylorMade R7 Driver two years ago and now TaylorMade has
    made the R9, Burner, Burner 2.0, RBZ, R11, R11s, RBZ Stage Two, R1, And Now
    The SLDR damn bro Just cant keep up.

  • lonestargun:

    Tried the sldr and loved the heavy head bc I feel I don’t have to hit it
    hard and come out of my shot. This allows me to swing at a comfortable
    swing speed and get the distance I desire.

  • lonestargun:

    But I won’t pay retail for a club that in 1yr will be $150 cheape

  • Neil Dawson:

    Bought the Titleist 910D2 not long ago and like the weight, adjustability
    and medium ball flight it gives. Tried a friend’s SLDR yesterday and though
    noticably heavier (not something I desire), it gave a good sound, solid
    strike and low penetrating flight with plenty of roll, something I don’t
    tend to get with 910. I know this is probably more to do with shaft than
    anything but I definately will give this a try when I come to change again
    … probably when the SLDR 3 is out in April 😉

  • Ruan Otto:

    Every year taylormade claims you get 15 yards extra distance on their
    latest driver.Where is my 150 yards since 2003?

  • Elle2528:

    I love how they went on about the club head being WHITE WHITE WHITE for
    years and now they have gone back to classic grey. mmmmm interesting

  • brownnsbass:

    waiting for patents to expire isn’t innovative.

  • 0Mellennium0:

    Please watch my driver swing!

  • Alexander Boldin:

    watch my video Golf Interactive Trainer

  • blip cat:

    youtube has so many vids on the golf swing that I laugh at anyone trying to
    make sense of any of them LOL

  • brad stecklein:

    @ajk712 don’t fight this too much! a straight left arm is a bit of an
    antequated theory in golf instruction. a little fold in your joints is
    never a bad thing. geting fixated on a ‘straight left arm’ will induce
    tension among other things!

  • Phil:

    excellent i always learn something when watching your clips keeping the
    head behind the ball until after impact is a case in point

  • sunson2004:

    how do you control your release? any practices you recommend?

  • drew118183:

    I’m having trouble aiming my irons. I never seem to line up correctly to
    hit them where I would like them to go. I have a tendency to aim right and
    I don’t know if it’s my feet placement but any advise would be useful.

  • Tairy Hesticles:

    it’s probably the pressure of playing on a course. from what you said it
    sounds like your lifting your head to early, causing you to top the ball.

  • matt hillier:

    What driver do you use? good lesson by the way! 🙂

  • florenciof1:

    Excellent ! Thanks

  • ajk712:

    how do you keep your left arm so straight? Is it a flexibility thing or is
    there a trick to itlike twisting the wrists? I try to do this but it is
    pretty uncomfortable

  • Kennion Johnson:

    Great video fo rinformation I shall keep referring to this one…. thanks

  • Uncle Jesse:

    Wow…. This was very helpful… Quick and straight to the point with
    picture references as opposed to just talking for 8 minutes… Thank you…

  • inspectorgadget024:

    Im a lefty and cant seem to keep the ball down any pointers?

  • Cameron Fox:

    bit your shirt and keep your head pointed slightly backwards, hold that and
    keep doing that and eventually u wont have to bit your shirt anymore

  • Golf Super Swing:

    Nice Video

  • sociojeje:

    for iron, i put my had ahead of the ball and hit it the same. i see you
    also put your hand ahead of the ball when you actually hit the ball. this
    way i can create a lag easier. is it a bad habit? and this is why i’m so
    struggling with creating a lag for driver… i can’t find the point that i
    have to release my wrist when i hit my driver… is there any tip for that?

  • COD4Fanboy134:

    Keeping ur arm straight is easy i need to improve my driver hitting lol in
    my backyard i use practice balls and uhhh i hit one and the driver didnt
    get it very far 🙁

  • Steve Wilson:

    one needs faith when playing golf 😉

  • Michael Gregory Mauro:

    Learn how to swing golf with the video golf tips from the Exeter golf
    professional check out now here: –>> bit.lyYD2MtE <<

  • Milton Copeland:

    it’s because you are bending your right arm to much if your a righty. try
    to keep your elbow away from your body and dont let it collapse in.

  • soundofacoustics:

    @ajk712 Well it’s easier to keep your arm straight if you rotate your
    shoulder with your upper body, then i’ll be much easier! and don’t try to
    put too much pressure on it or else you might injure yourself. Have fun!

  • Stephen Junior:

    i miss this intro lol, i used to do a little dance in my head to it

  • ajk712:

    @4golfonline Alright thank you. Do you recommend a technique for us
    inflexible people? Or just attempt to become more flexibe?

  • rdg515:

    @dinkipooxa pot calling the kettle black… pretty sure everyone knows you
    have to practice