Taly Explains his Golf Swing Mechanics and Geometry with Driver

In this practice session with driver, Taly demonstrates the alignments, planes, and geometry utilized in the “Without Swinging Your Arms” approach. This is o…

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  • Matthew Collins:

    Got to say the idea, marketing and product is genius. Ive got hold of one,
    gonna have a play.

  • zwiguy9494:

    hoganesque I’d have to say

  • Michael Muldoon:


  • scoremore05:

    And with regards to me calling it a “red line” instead of a “plane”, I can
    assure you that it has nothing to do with ignorance. I did not draw
    anything in 3 dimensions. I drew it in 2 dimensions. It is a “LINE” not a
    “PLANE”. If you want to meet halfway, we can call it a “plane LINE”, but
    nonetheless it is a “line”. A RED LINE. Please don’t post and say it’s

  • scoremore05:

    Thanks for posting oochoa73.

  • scoremore05:

    Thanks for posting @james3r. Please share with us the correct way to swing
    a golf club.

  • remmy100:

    Can this swing be used for iron play? Should any adjustments be made or can
    i apply the same techniques to it?

  • John Rollins:

    Now that’s a Taly wacker

  • scoremore05:

    Thanks for posting @blandhoney. I haven’t researched either of those
    techniques but I have heard of both of them. Keep up the great work in
    finding the best move for you and nice job understanding where this move

  • scoremore05:

    Thanks for posting @SjKimber.

  • favcity:

    Thanks Mr. Williams for sharing such a useful device with us and your clear
    answers to my questions! In your opinion, do you feel like Moe Norman was
    doing something similar by extending his arms and creating a type of
    triangle by making his club line up further behind the ball than the
    Standard Address position? Was that position a factor in your formulations?

  • scoremore05:

    I am not sure why some believe that we should all swing the same way. There
    are many ways to impact a golf ball and what’s most important is to find
    what works for you. I don’t even use the “Without Swinging Your Arms” move
    for all my shots. It’s too powerful. When I have an iron or hybrid in my
    hand I am more concerned with distance control and accuracy.

  • JLTRAIN233:

    so are you saying that your club should be as straight as it possible and
    thats what the point of the red ball is for?

  • favcity:

    On your “No-Arm Swing,” do you start with a back leg drive to shift the
    hips then spin them? Or do you turn the belt buckle?

  • scoremore05:

    For this move, I want everything to remain firm and connected and I don’t
    want the momentum of my backswing to carry into my downswing move and cause
    the arms to fling into the golf ball. My only focus to get back to the golf
    ball is turning my shoulders and body so that the red ball passes over the
    golf ball If I hold my hands/arms firm and turn on that that plane, the
    shaft remains bowed and I try to get my clubhead onto the golf ball before
    any release occurs. This is what I feel.

  • scoremore05:

    Thanks for posting Prov1989. I don’t understand your anger, but what makes
    you think that I don’t know a plane or a turned shoulder plane. I have read
    your other posts and I, like yourself obviously, think TGM is excellent .
    Their instructors are second to none and are some of the most knowledgeable
    in the industry. But just because you feel that this golf swing is not
    perfect and is limited, what’s wrong with that. That’s exactly the type of
    swing we want. A simplified one.

  • 1WEEBLE1:

    I tried this on the range today and I think you really have something that

  • Thomas Duke:

    hey Taly, great stuff, big time advocate–2 handicap and looking to get
    better. Always wondered how Stricker and other “dead handed” players
    generated power. I quickly realized after applying your move how much power
    I loose through active hands and arms. Question: what is your actual setup
    position. The videos I see you start in the flat wrist position off your
    back hip. At setup are you in the same position as impact with the hands
    and shaft way forward?

  • scoremore05:

    Thanks for posting @mr3856a. There’s a big difference between releasing and
    holding everything firm and just turning into impact. If I allowed a
    release it would be a very different move. When I hold everthing firm, my
    shaft releases and that is much more powerful and repeatable.

  • soulbytes:

    this is another style how to swing in golf. My swing is abit higher and my
    right arm elbow doesn’t seem to stick on the body. :). I’ll try this style
    and work the same 🙂 nicee!!

  • scoremore05:

    When you buy a base model Mercedes, don’t expect heated seats, Command,
    Keyless-Go, and air suspension. This is a simplified move which has it’s
    limitations but so do all pro swings on Tour. That’s what you do, you pick
    your limitations. All three moves that we provide are powerful, consistent,
    and much easier to repeat than any golf swing out there. Why is that
    problematic? The great thing about TGM is that any of these moves can be
    described by their system. They’re not rigid.

  • scoremore05:

    Hi jmtwocool, Thanks for replying. With the “Without Swinging Your Arms”
    Body move, the club is open. What position do you recommend? Square?

  • scoremore05:

    The red ball passing over the golf ball is key because it identifies the
    proper spine tilt. Or in terms of what you might say, it identifies a path
    for your flying wedge to follow. This is very much a pivot only move, but
    that’s just describes what I feel. Once I set the red ball behind me on
    plane (i.e. putting your flying wedge on plane), I move it by using pivot
    only. Turning only Now sure, other forces get involved and try to
    straighten things out but I resist them and keep turning.

  • senorchipotle:

    your grip looks pretty strong.

  • scoremore05:

    Wow @laremac. Nice work!!!