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Golf Trick Shot Compilation – From The Boys At Trafford Golf Centre

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Play In The Rain Golf Tips From Scott Cranfield

Great tips on how to play your best golf in wet conditions from top coach Scott Cranfield.

Nedbank Golf Challenge *2013* Third Round from Gary Player CC,SA

Enjoy the ‘ Nedbank Golf Challenge’ Third Round ,from Gary Player Golf&Country Club,Sun City, South Africa ,European PGA Tour Feel free to hit the like Butto…

Number 1 Tip to Remove tension from your Golf Swing

For full length videos visit us at Visit us on Facebook: Golf Swing Tips Remove tension from your swin…

Cheap Golf Bags from Golfbuyitonline

Cheap Golf Bags from Golfbuyitonline

Next to golf clubs, a golf bag is one of the most important pieces of golfing equipment there is. Here at Golfbuyitonline we have every bag that you could ever want we have tour bags, cart bags, stand bags, pencil bags, flight bags and many more from all the top brands in golf. This year many top manufactures have bought out some fantastic golf bags below are some of the most popular bags of 2010 so far and they are cheap too:


Titleist 7″ Dual Strap Carry Bag


This very lightweight pencil golf bag from Titleist at only 1.9 lbs in weight is great for playing a quick nine holes or carrying your clubs to the practice range. Its collapsible, lightweight carry bag will hold a few clubs or a full set. And at the same price as last season is a bargain too.


Ping Hoofer C-1 Stand Bag


This new Hoofer bag is engineered for function and style and is built for performance and reliability. This bag is packed with extras. We think it is the ultimate stand bag that Ping has designed to date. Highly recommended at a 5 star rating from us!


Callaway Diablo Edge Org 14 Cart Bag


The new Diablo Edge Org 14 Cart Bag fits any trolley and designed for the golfer who is organised. If you’re looking for a serious Cart Bag and love Callaway then this is the bag for you. This Diablo Edge Bag compliments the full range of Callway Diablo Golf products and at this price you’re picking up a bargain.


Powakaddy Deluxe III PVC Cart Bag


Featuring the latest premium quality materials and sporting fabulous new colours the new PowaKaddy Deluxe III bag is sure to get heads turning.

It is a supremely designed cart bag with a plentiful supply of pockets which means you will never run out of storage space for all your balls, gloves, clothing and accessories.


TaylorMade Micro-Lite Stand Bag


You walk, you demand lightweight, you demand functionality, you demand balance and comfort, you demand the MICRO-LITE Stand Bag. With all the features and benefits of a larger size bag, the MICRO-LITE excels by using new streamline design to bring the weight of the bag down to just 3.9 pounds.


Check out the latest range of golf bags for the new 2010 season now in at Golfbuyitonline. The UK’s Premier online golf shop.



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Is it worthwhile buying golf equipment from shop online such as golfsuperworld?

Question by Shana Holthus: Is it worthwhile buying golf equipment from shop online such as golfsuperworld?
I am struggling with it…buying a golf equipment from shop online such as or not
Though Buying from a reputable retailer has quality guarantee,
It costs much…

Best answer:

Answer by Karie Iversen
For me, I’m not sure if that would be worthwhile. Online shopping is cost expensive indeed! I suggest that you can try to look for a golf store where you can buy golf equipments that is near to you City for you to have less expenses.I hope this could give you some ideas.

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David Leadbetter From Beginner to Winner

David Leadbetter From Beginner to Winner

David Leadbetter From Beginner to Winner

  • Improve your golf game with instruction by a renowned golf pro!
  • Learn essential components of swing set-up, grip, posture and more!
  • Key course tactics imperative to playing good golf are taught as well.

For beginning golfers looking to make an impression with a solid short game, instructor David Leadbetter provides the very same advice given to such top pros as Greg Norman and Ernie Els at a fraction of the cost. Computer graphics and enhanced footage allow home viewers to study the correct shape of the ideal golf swing while providing helpful information on correcting common faults, and indispensable advice on grip, posture, and alignment ensure perfect form with every swing. Additional lesson

List Price: $ 19.98

Price: $ 3.37

Golf Drivers from Golfbuyitonline

Golf Drivers from Golfbuyitonline

Here at Golfbuyitonline we have a huge choice of top brand drivers for men, ladies, junior and senior golfers including TaylorMade Drivers, Cobra Drivers, Nike Drivers and many more. We also stock drivers for left and right handed players with custom fitting options available too.


Last year the a new rule allowing adjustable clubs to be allowed on tour was introduced and since then all the top big brand names in golf have bought out new adjustable drivers among many other clubs. Below are just some of the new 2010 drivers that we have here at Golfbuyitonline.


Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Edge Driver


Callaway golf have always been a company who push the boundaries of innovative design and ground breaking new technology and for providing some of the best drivers in golf today. This year they have again excelled themselves with the new arrival of the diablo edge family. The Callaway Diablo Edge and Diablo Edge Tour Drivers offer superior face technology, a higher MOI, a deeper CG, and better aerodynamics — and it all adds up to the longest, most accurate all-titanium drivers Callaway Golf has ever made.


Cobra ZL Driver


ZL stands for Zero Limits. That’s the mindset Cobra engineers had when they set out to design the longest driver in our history. They pushed the boundaries of forgiveness and distance with multi-material construction, a milled rhombus face insert and an Aldila VooDoo shaft.

Then they challenged the conventions of customization with Adjustable Flight Technology: three simple, straightforward settings [Open, Neutral and Closed] that help deliver accurate, consistent distance. Count Cobra PGA Staff Pro JB Holmes among the believers. He put the ZL in his bag and now you can too.


Mizuno MP 630 Fast Track Driver


The original FAST TRACK Mizuno primarily designed to impact sidespin and the lateral characteristics of ball flight. However they quickly realised that being able to adjust backspin was just as useful. Mizuno focused even more on this aspect with the new FAST TRACK – you can see by the track itself how far forward and back we can take weight from the face. The new system massively increases the potential of the MP-630 to convert extreme ball speeds into even bigger gains in driving distance.

If you are looking for new driver then you have come to the right place, Golfbuyitonline have the biggest and best choice and lowest priced drivers on the market today. Order online today, from an official golf retailer.

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How much would a personal golf cart from New England Golf Cart cost?

Question by ajc: How much would a personal golf cart from New England Golf Cart cost?
I really want a golf cart but i want to know how much they are and I would like to know which ones you reccomend. I don’t know if i want a gas or an electric one so that will help if you have any tips too.

Best answer:

Answer by Selphie
Hi there..

Golf carts are usually divided into types based on how they are powered, and the cost of purchasing and maintaining them varies by type. Electric golf carts are fine for golfers who will use their carts only on the golf course. Those using their golf carts in more all-terrain environments, at construction sites, or during camping or skeet shooting trips will probably want a gas powered golf cart as it can handle varying terrain and long distances better.

The price of golf carts also depends on whether you are buying a new or a used golf cart. A used golf cart can usually be purchased for half the price of a brand new one. This means you could save as much as $ 2,500 on a used electric golf cart and upwards of $ 3,500 on a gas powered golf cart.

for more information try to check this site and hit me a reply :

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Golf Bags from Golfbuyitonline

Golf Bags from Golfbuyitonline

Lets face it you can’t hit the golf course without having a bag to carry all your golf equipment in. A golf bag is probably one of the most important pieces of golf equipment that you will own. They type of golf bag you choose may also reflect your personality.

Golf bags are an essential part of the game and are functional as well as a fashion statement. Here at Golfbuyitonline we have a huge array of golf bags for men, ladies and junior golfers. Whether you are looking for a stand bag, cart bag, tour bag, pencil bag or even a travel bag Golfbuyitonline has them all. With huge choice and top brand golf equipment there is no better place to go golf bag shopping.


If you are a first time gofer and don’t know what bag is best suited for you then check out a reviews of golf bags below, you might just find what you are looking for.


Cart Bags are designed to be used on golf trolleys and golf carts and offer plenty of room and are ready for you to fill with your clubs, tees and anything else you need to carry round the golf course.


Stand Bags are an easy and convenient way to carry your set of clubs around the golf course thanks to their shoulder straps and handy fold-away legs. Golf stand bags are becoming increasingly popular with golfers who take their own golf clubs on holiday. A golf stand bag is lighter than other forms of golf club transportation, making a golf stand bag more economical for the canny golf tourist.


Pencil Bags are ideal for beginners and experts alike, these super lightweight golf bags make it a delight to carry your clubs and mean that you can always leave a half set in the car for impromptu games.


Tour Bags are seriously big bags and it is no surprise that Tour professionals employ someone to carry them.

Tour Bags are not just big for the sake of being big; they have room for a full arsenal of golf clubs as well as the many extras you may need along the way including umbrellas, golf balls, tees and more. Not only are they big to accommodate all of your equipment, they are big to keep your precious equipment protected from bumps and scrapes.


Selecting the right golf bag is unique to each person, depending on your style of play and how you approach the course. With a wide variety of golf bags to choose from, you’ll need to ask some honest questions about your game in order to find the perfect bag for you.

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