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Custom Long Drivers | Krank Golf

For over 10 years Krank Golf has been developing and refining the art of golf driver design. Krank Golf was born in the Sport of Long Drive out of there pass…

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2011′ Good Golf Drivers in My Eyes

2011′ Good Golf Drivers in My Eyes

Some of 2011’s best drivers are out, and you really need to take the time in choosing the one driver that will get you closest to the pin. After all, the drive may be the most important hit you make on each hole. Without further adieu, here’s what you need to consider trying out. These clubs are not ranked in any way.

TaylorMade R9 SuperDeep TP Driver- It is a pure player’s driver. It has a 460cc head with an ultra-deep clubface, creating a lower moment of inertia and forward center of gravity for increased workability. The two weight ports, FCT and MWT, create 448 launch condition combinations and the new extra-low-torque Aldila R.I.P. shaft is engineered for strong players seeking a mid launch-angle and low spin. Flight Control Technology (FCT) utilizes a metal sleeve positioned over the tip of the shaft, which can be rotated into different positions to adjust the loft, lie, and face angle.
TaylorMade R9 460 Driver- This is probably the highest scoring driver in the gold medal category, and it should be the one you buy. It features an adjustable shaft which allows you to change the face angle, and we all know what that means: a fully customizable setup in which you can pre-determine where the ball will go. For instance, rotating the face a degree to the left will make sure that upon impact, the ball will travel to the left. An ingenious idea and a giant leap for the driver industry, this club should be more of a collector’s item than anything.

Callaway FT-iz Driver- It provides stability, consistency, incredible feel and increased speed. We did all this by utilizing a heavy face and heavy in-line power source in the rear of the club to localize weight at the front and back of the driver.

In our never-ending mission to find more distance and accuracy for golfers, Callaway’s engineers used an entirely new design to once again produce a driver that’s longer and straighter than anything we’ve ever made. The technical features explained below were incorporated to accomplish this goal and help golfers break through their distance barrier.

What Are The Best Golf Drivers?

What Are The Best Golf Drivers?

Golf is a game best played with controlled aggression. The tools needed to affect that persona are in your bag, and the driver is best designed to make sure that you get the most distance out of your directed assault on the golf ball.


Nike Victory Red Tour Driver  stands out in any bag – they have longer shafts, bigger heads and some come equipped with adjustable mechanisms that can change your penchant for hitting slices or any other ill-fated shot mannerisms.


It’s possible to get drivers that allow golfers with slower swing speeds to increase distance without having to swing harder. A more flexible shaft can help solve the distance problem, especially for seniors who still have a good game but aren’t quite getting drives to travel as far as they once did.


There are also lighter clubs (TaylorMade R9 Max Driver)that provide swing confidence because a driver with less weight is easier to handle and brings more “feel” into play. Feel is important. It gives a player signals almost throughout the entire golf swing regarding club positioning and how the ball will be struck.


The really stiff-shafted drivers are to be used only by very strong golfers. For the average player to try and master such a club is foolish. Slash at the ball off the tee for 14 holes – four more are par threes – and find that maybe one out of those 14 tee shots turned out well.

The game isn’t built around one type of shot, and leaving yourself in 13 places that don’t offer reasonable chances for making par, or less, can make golf very frustrating.


Moment of Inertia – MOI – has become kind of a catch phrase that club manufacturers use to explain why oversized driver heads have assumed a huge amount of interest for golfers looking for a better product. MOI explains how keeping an object from spinning on its axis is how larger-faced drivers are able to help prevent twisting that results in errant shots.


Mizuno JPX AD Driver with high MOI can be hit off the heel or toe and still produce an acceptable result. It takes some getting used to looks wise but has a very forgiving package with a mid height face but shallow back design. It is 46.5″ in length to produce maximum distance for those looking to go straight and long. These larger-faced clubs can also be constructed with a lower center of gravity that is moved more to the rear and helps increase effective shot altitude.

Left Handed Golf Drivers

Left Handed Golf Drivers

When you are searching for get left handed gold drivers, you must consistently contemplate the quality, the value, as well as the performance. The major intention of the drivers will be to awesome the shot. Different firms create distinctive sizes and shapes of the driver as well as the type inside the driver determines the sort of shot that you simply will take.


The Square drivers are the best for square shots since they push the ball with the flat face and the ball moves straight when you want to take a straight shot to the hole. The difference between the left handed and the right handed drivers is the side of the face and the point of connection to the best golf clubs. These are connected facing the left while the others face the right. Most of the left hand drivers have a crown shape. These are meant to take arced shots. For the heavy drivers, they are meant to hit the ball as far as possible. The weight pulls the club down and adds to the speed and when it pulls the club down, it lowers the center of gravity thus giving the ball a perfect shot.


These are some of the reasons most of the left golfers are known for the longest distance shorts. These drivers are not made for forgiveness. Most of them are made for a mid-high shooting angle and the diameter of the driver determines how far the ball will go. A thicker driver could be an indicator of a heavier club and therefore a stronger shot. You could also consider the flex when you are choosing Callaway Diablo Edge Irons.

You should always get a driver that suits your shaft. However, to save yourself from the trouble of having to get a compatible driver, it is always advisable to get the two together. One of the most famous drivers is the spine. It is known for its consistency and perfection of the shots. It is used by most of the 17 inch handicappers and it has set a record of the most wins that have been managed by left hand golfers. It is also known for durability and good flex. Some of the drivers come with a traditional head. These are the best for starters and then you could graduate to the crown superstructure later after you have perfected taking the shots with the traditional Callaway Golf Clubs. The crown superstructure is preferred by the pros since they have perfected the shooting angles. Geometry matters most when you are choosing a driver for the left hand.


The driver may usually be capable of getting a tremendous level swing of as a great offer as 100 meters every second. You can store for that motorists on the net but receiving them at a golfing store near for you may be the best way f purchasing offered that you simply reach check the accuracy. on the net sellers obtain the motorists shipped for the place of hold out so it may be also an assortment of receiving them even although you are not near to some the game of golf shop.

The Ideal Golf Drivers For You

The Ideal Golf Drivers For You

The golf motorists are one of the most vital club that you’ll be capable to spot within your golf bag. However, discovering the most effective car owner may possibly not be simple due to every single golfer has his private selection and view on what car owner to use.

In some cases, the most effective golf car owner may possibly not have some thing to undertake using the manufacturer, but with every thing to undertake using the golfer or even the 1 utilizing the club. TaylorMade Rossa Corza Ghost Putter there’s no this kind of factor since the ultimate golf driver, otherwise, there won’t be any Tiger Woods gracing the golf course.

The ideal spot to discover the golf car owner would be to appear for golf stores having a generating selection so you’ll be capable to look at some of these golf products. make an work to stay apart from golf stores that offer with unique golf equipment. But check out the shops that provide a variety of makers of golf supplies. This way, you’ll be capable to in fact encounter the distinctive grips that are provided with every single car owner and determine which 1 is ideal for you.

To assist you determine on this, you’ll be capable to make use of the 4 components offered on this piece of writing being a manual each and every time you swing a golf club within the golf shop. To discover the most effective golf motorists in town, you should examine for the club head, the shaft, along with the size. they are the components from the golf club that maintain the essential primary to possessing favorable golf games.

The mind from the car owner is pretty essential within the game.

Before, the car owner was created of wood. However, to enhance the club rate and generating distance, various lighter components are actually experimented with and utilised in producing golf drivers.

Composite components are between the best. whenever you select a driver, examine for the dimension and position from the club face. TaylorMade R11 Driver The position assists you decide the loft you may get away from the tee shot. when the position is of greater degree, you might be confident of greater loft out of your shot.

The Shaft must have beneficial materials and correct length. decide on the shaft which has size which you’re at ease with. To adhere towards USGA rules, the lawful size of shaft is in between 40 and 48 inches. Your car owner must not very easily break, nonetheless enable you some springtime within your every single swing. The shafts in these days are commonly created of graphite due to its capacity to enhance club rate and force, and at some point enhance the generate length.

The dimension from the golf club also matters. The golf motorists accessible in these days are inside of the lawful dimension permitted through the PGA governing body, in particular the big ones. Moreover, the clubfaces may also be springy and slim for that spontaneous momentum.

The elimination from the grooves in the clubfaces can also be portion from the advancement of golf’s technology. TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons Thus, the spin and upkeep from the ball length is reduced, even though the behaving makes are lessened. In effect, without having the clubface grooves, the length is elevated even though the spin is reduced.

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Golf Drivers from Golfbuyitonline

Golf Drivers from Golfbuyitonline

Here at Golfbuyitonline we have a huge choice of top brand drivers for men, ladies, junior and senior golfers including TaylorMade Drivers, Cobra Drivers, Nike Drivers and many more. We also stock drivers for left and right handed players with custom fitting options available too.


Last year the a new rule allowing adjustable clubs to be allowed on tour was introduced and since then all the top big brand names in golf have bought out new adjustable drivers among many other clubs. Below are just some of the new 2010 drivers that we have here at Golfbuyitonline.


Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Edge Driver


Callaway golf have always been a company who push the boundaries of innovative design and ground breaking new technology and for providing some of the best drivers in golf today. This year they have again excelled themselves with the new arrival of the diablo edge family. The Callaway Diablo Edge and Diablo Edge Tour Drivers offer superior face technology, a higher MOI, a deeper CG, and better aerodynamics — and it all adds up to the longest, most accurate all-titanium drivers Callaway Golf has ever made.


Cobra ZL Driver


ZL stands for Zero Limits. That’s the mindset Cobra engineers had when they set out to design the longest driver in our history. They pushed the boundaries of forgiveness and distance with multi-material construction, a milled rhombus face insert and an Aldila VooDoo shaft.

Then they challenged the conventions of customization with Adjustable Flight Technology: three simple, straightforward settings [Open, Neutral and Closed] that help deliver accurate, consistent distance. Count Cobra PGA Staff Pro JB Holmes among the believers. He put the ZL in his bag and now you can too.


Mizuno MP 630 Fast Track Driver


The original FAST TRACK Mizuno primarily designed to impact sidespin and the lateral characteristics of ball flight. However they quickly realised that being able to adjust backspin was just as useful. Mizuno focused even more on this aspect with the new FAST TRACK – you can see by the track itself how far forward and back we can take weight from the face. The new system massively increases the potential of the MP-630 to convert extreme ball speeds into even bigger gains in driving distance.

If you are looking for new driver then you have come to the right place, Golfbuyitonline have the biggest and best choice and lowest priced drivers on the market today. Order online today, from an official golf retailer.

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