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Choosing The Best Golf Club Driver Why is choosing the best golf club driver so important? Well, if you’d like to hit 350+ yard drives, then you need to kn…
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On this edition of the Golf Exchange 101 we spotlight the brand new Adams Speedline Super S Driver!

Best Golf swing tips ever

Best Golf swing tips ever Get A Golf Swing Like Tiger Woods! Lengthen your Drive and Cut your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just Two weeks.” You Can Unlock Y…
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Best golf quotes?

Question by beachgirl: Best golf quotes?
What are some of the best golf quotes?


Best answer:

Answer by ucfgolf07
Hockey is a sport for white men. Basketball is a sport for black men. Golf is a sport for white men dressed like black pimps.

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Best Golf Driving Ranges?

Question by Lauren: Best Golf Driving Ranges?
I want to open my own golf driving range, and wanted to know what people looked for in ranges. What are some of the best driving range aspects you have ever experienced?

Best answer:

Answer by Alby
A Golf Range MUST have:

A Pro Shop

A Mini Golf (Putt Putt) Range for Kids/Adults

A Practice Putting Green

Lots of Range Locations. Nothing sucks more than going to a range
and every slot is full.

Multiple Ball Machines around the Range.

A Golf Lesson Area staffed by “Pros”.

Most Important: An area where you can practice real swings in the rough.

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Single Plane (axis) Golf Swing Demo – best online golf instruction – easy to learn

Visit us at to begin improving your golf game now. Learn how to setup for the single plane golf swing from a former Natural Golf certi…
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Here’s how to view more full HD golf swing videos! Golf swing down the line view, face on and rear views…
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Q&A: What is the best brand for golf club for beginner?

Question by Nima Moh.: What is the best brand for golf club for beginner?
I’ve started playing golf 2 months ago and my wife give me a $ 800 gift card from one of the golf course. I want to buy a club set, any suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by Dilbert
Cobra, by far. They are the most forgiving clubs you can find. Make sure you get “cavity-back” irons, and a decent driver, 3 wood, and maybe 5 wood.

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What Are The Best Golf Drivers?

What Are The Best Golf Drivers?

Golf is a game best played with controlled aggression. The tools needed to affect that persona are in your bag, and the driver is best designed to make sure that you get the most distance out of your directed assault on the golf ball.


Nike Victory Red Tour Driver  stands out in any bag – they have longer shafts, bigger heads and some come equipped with adjustable mechanisms that can change your penchant for hitting slices or any other ill-fated shot mannerisms.


It’s possible to get drivers that allow golfers with slower swing speeds to increase distance without having to swing harder. A more flexible shaft can help solve the distance problem, especially for seniors who still have a good game but aren’t quite getting drives to travel as far as they once did.


There are also lighter clubs (TaylorMade R9 Max Driver)that provide swing confidence because a driver with less weight is easier to handle and brings more “feel” into play. Feel is important. It gives a player signals almost throughout the entire golf swing regarding club positioning and how the ball will be struck.


The really stiff-shafted drivers are to be used only by very strong golfers. For the average player to try and master such a club is foolish. Slash at the ball off the tee for 14 holes – four more are par threes – and find that maybe one out of those 14 tee shots turned out well.

The game isn’t built around one type of shot, and leaving yourself in 13 places that don’t offer reasonable chances for making par, or less, can make golf very frustrating.


Moment of Inertia – MOI – has become kind of a catch phrase that club manufacturers use to explain why oversized driver heads have assumed a huge amount of interest for golfers looking for a better product. MOI explains how keeping an object from spinning on its axis is how larger-faced drivers are able to help prevent twisting that results in errant shots.


Mizuno JPX AD Driver with high MOI can be hit off the heel or toe and still produce an acceptable result. It takes some getting used to looks wise but has a very forgiving package with a mid height face but shallow back design. It is 46.5″ in length to produce maximum distance for those looking to go straight and long. These larger-faced clubs can also be constructed with a lower center of gravity that is moved more to the rear and helps increase effective shot altitude.

What is the best golf tip you have ever gotten?

Question by da-chi-town-man: What is the best golf tip you have ever gotten?
The best tip i ever got was don’t think about what you are doing feel what you are doing. Feel and reel; overanalysis leads to paralysis.

Best answer:

Answer by vdrive_60
Probably the best tip I can remember was from our club pro who told me to focus on the back of the ball throughout the swing. I began to hit down on the ball more consistently and my ball striking improved.

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Players Opinions – Best Driver In Golf

The pros answer our question: who is the best driver in golf? Hear what they had to say on the PGA, LPGA and Senior Tour. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW ON WHO YOU TH…
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Best Golf Aids to Your Driver

Best Golf Aids to Your Driver

Are you searching for the magical golf driver suggestion that will be fit for you? Would you need to strike it longer like any other golfer and strike it an ideal way? Why then does it develop to be this sort of the secret just to hold out that very simple task? Have you been not in a location to swing more challenging and strike it father? This really is what most near to the folks consider and you also will find out then wanting to hold out it but without any success.


Then you start wondering why there is no success and the way you hit with Cheap golf clubs. It is the correct way and you make sure that you have done it well. To answer all this questions read through this article that talks about the golf driver tip for your driver. In order to achieve the best drive that you will not regret, all you need to do is follow the following tip. It is helpful that you read carefully put into practice what you read. Never swing harder. There is a belief that if you swing harder then there is a chance of hitting farther. To be honest with the player, this is not the correct thing to do infact it is the direct opposite of what is supposed to be done.


There are times that you find yourself swinging like you don’t care and at the end you find that it went even longer than when you swing with Titleist Golf Clubs when you are very serious. Have you ever asked yourself why this happens and did you get the answers to that question? Well the only possible answer to this is the fact that when you swing like you don’t care, you are swinging at well within your physical capabilities and the golf swing sequence and timing are perfect.

Then do you wish to be doing this always? The only thing that you need to do is to work on the golf machine. There are many golfers who ignore the fact that what swings the club is nothing else but your body. For those people who have a problem and they see that they cannot make a full shoulder turn with a minimal tension, they should not try to do it as it may be a failure on their part. They should also ignore the longer drives. The only way that this people can improve is by having simple stretches and exercise so that they can improve on their body fitness level. No matter how much you play with Ping K15 Driver and even practice, the things that dictate your game are your physical ability and also the swing mechanics. When you work on both then you will be on the safer side and avoid any failure.


If you just skip one of these then your golfing career will be a disaster. Time is off the essence so make sure that you follow these tips and that you are creative. You can use the many effective exercises in your home that can improve the club head and the driving distance.

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