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who recycle used golf balls?

Question by Samaritan C: who recycle used golf balls?
is there a company that buys used golf balls to recycle and make new golf balls? Help please?

Best answer:

Answer by Question kid
Raven Golf Ball Company has been retrieving and recycling golf balls across the country for more than 20 years. Our experience and quality standards have become a value to golfers, golf courses and golf professionals alike. By providing our customer with convenience, a top quality product and the strictest standards in recycling and retrieving, we have earned their loyalty. Now is the time to earn yours.

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Do you buy a bucket of balls to chip and putt at driving range?

Question by Wondering????: Do you buy a bucket of balls to chip and putt at driving range?
I have only been to the driving range a couple of times and it was to hit balls. Do you still need to buy a bucket of balls to chip (then do you leave each ball on chipping green after one use?). What about for just putting?

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Answer by softballchic00
Yes, You just buy a bucket, they range from about $ 3-$ 10. Then, you just leave them on the course.

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Hitting Golf Balls | Messing Around With Flower

Hitting balls in the net at Exeter. Facebook fanpage – I Tweet –…
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Titleist Golf Balls

Titleist Golf Balls

Looking for some of the best golf balls? Check out the Titleist golf balls. Titleist golf balls are some of the most popular golf balls on the pro tours. Just like the Titleist golf clubs, Titleist golf balls are great, too.


Perhaps the best known golf ball manufacturer is Titleist golf. Titleist golf balls have been around for quite some time and are always producing cutting edge golf balls. The technology they use creates some of the best golf balls for professionals and amateurs. The Titleist golf balls are played by a majority of PGA tour players. Take it from them and play one of the best golf balls!


The Titleist has provided you with this article on Titleist golf balls so you can understand the difference between the 2009 Titleist golf balls. The current Titleist golf ball family consists of the following golf balls:


The Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are the number one played golf ball. It is a three layer golf ball that was designed for maximum distance, durability, spin, and performance. As like all the other Titleist golf balls, the current Titleist Pro V1 golf ball outdoes the past versions of the Pro V1 golf balls.


The Titleist Pro V1x golf balls are very similar to the Pro V1 golf balls but it is a four piece golf ball. This allows the golf ball to have a lower spin rate while still having the maximum distance.

This is a popular ball among amateurs because of how durable it is.


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Personalized Golf Balls & gift Golf Balls

Personalized Golf Balls & gift Golf Balls

One thing many companies today are doing is giving out Personalized golf balls at tournaments at local courses they are sponsoring, but of course, the effectiveness of this method is still up for debate. The main benefit to sponsoring a tournament is to have your name attached to the charity that is benefiting from it, which will improve your company image.

Ordering personalized golf balls as gifts, souvenirs or even as official golf balls for hole-in-one occasions or some other get-together events is a great idea.Personalized golf balls service providers give options for printing images, logos or words based on client’s instruction. Ball prints come in a number of colors. You can have your  Gift golf balls, Event golf balls printed using single or a combination of colors of your choice. You can have your Logo golf balls printed with red, green, black, some other color or a combination of these colors depending on shops that provide for this kind of Personalized golf balls service.Balls can be printed with characters using a type of font of your liking. You can ask your service provider to print your company Logo golf balls and tag line on the Gift golf balls. If you do not have a company to promote you can just have your name or any of your friend’s name printed on your Logo golf balls which are definitely great souvenir ideas.
This is especially true if you have your company name on a high quality kind of ball. Don’t cut corners here, as any serious golfer can tell the difference in ball quality in a heartbeat, and if you just put your name on some cheap brand, it will hurt your companies image, or at the very least, not help it at all.Also, you might consider giving out Gift golf balls, Event golf balls at local trade shows or seminars, really anywhere you will be meeting with potential customers or business partners.Just about anywhere you go, a high percentage of the people will be golfers, so these Logo golf balls can really leave a lasting effect, and will definitely make your company stand out versus just having your business card thrown in with a thousand other ones. Therefore, when used effectively, Personalized golf balls can be an important part of your arsenal.
If you are interested, you can Logo golf balls on to the Internet and search for service providers that can give you what you are looking for. You can make accurate comparison because generally the details indicated in those sites are precise and reliable. You can likewise place your orders online. You only need to accomplish certain things that the site will ask from you. Usually, the site will ask details about your identity and other similar matters.Playing golf with your Gift golf balls, Event golf balls will give you a different feeling. This perhaps is the reason for the increasing demand for this kind of service. And the industry is optimistic that the demand will still increase as more and more people get interested in the wonderful Personalized golf balls.
For more info on finding the best Personalized golf balls, whether they be to promote your company or just a Gift golf balls, Event golf balls , check out  Phone (731)924-9646 This is a popular Logo golf balls site that reviews golf locations and equipment, and much more.

We are and we are shipping logo golfballs  & personalized golfballs  in USA. 

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