Stop Slicing Your Driver

Stop Slicing Your Driver

Drive the Ball Further , improve your golf swing, improve your golf, improve your slice. stop slicing, tips to help you drive the ball like Tiger Woods! How …
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25 Responses to “Stop Slicing Your Driver”

  • Natasha Brown:

    Golf Instructions

  • ubb4me:

    No good golfer has a strsight right arm at impact. The right arm only
    staightens when your clubhead is the furthest away from you on your
    downswing, well past the ball. A bent right arm is your leverage point.
    Your body uses it as a lever for power. He makes some good points but this
    one is completely erong.

  • David Schroeder:

    Golf instructions

  • Natasha Brown:

    Golf instructions

  • Martin S:

    Good video

  • Natasha Brown:

    Golf instructions

  • Natasha Brown:

    Watch this video to improve your Golf game

  • Zulfadhli Rahman:

    Understand why you slice ..find tips that suitable for u from tons of
    unslice videos..

  • Enrique Barreto:

    Keep working on my slice :|

  • minion0metal:

    Fix your silce. Go to a range with your most comfortable grip and stance,
    and move your body counter-clockwise until you bomb them straight. Easy! I
    got to aim way left to go straight.

  • Dennis C. Latham:

    Sure …. when swinging ? Your club head is going to automatically SWING in
    a curved motion – from beginning to end – when you straighten it more ? The
    ball will go more STRAIGHT. By making the club head go into the direction
    of the target more – I will make a video on tomorrow while at the golf
    range tomorrow – been meaning to do it – since I’ve been working on my

  • Dennis C. Latham:

    swing more out away from you and not in towards you – also ? Make sure your
    club is traveling in a straight line and not a curved line. Let me know how
    that works.

  • James Lowe:

    This guy is good. Doesn’t assume many videos talk about
    ‘outside in’ or “arms releasing’ with no explanation. Many people don’t
    even know what the terms really mean.

  • Greg Smith:

    This is insane. People hit push slices and fades all the time. You can
    swing to the right and still have an open face and put slice spin on the

  • IIExhibitAII:

    I love how he flips us all off at the beginning of the video! Lol

  • Barry Atkins:

    This guy helped put money in my pocket today. He also helped me have a
    really good time on the course today.

  • Christopher Horvath:

    Straightening the right arm earlier to stop a slice is a terrible way to
    correct it, in my personal opinion. You will go from a slicing problem to a
    casting problem and end up with the drop kicks, early extension, hip stall
    and out to in swing path. If that was the case Hunter Mayhan would have a
    terrible slicing problem, along with many others on tour. Keeping yourself
    from extending the right arm early is a good thing!

  • Sinecera:

    It’s just a golfing term.. hee hee.

  • samocky1:

    excellent he described me bang on

  • hgfden:

    Use a pro instead of youtube…

  • Multispek mutvimanex:

    Loser grip, more underbody movement, and much practice on the range will do

  • Rabindra Man Shrestha:

    Very well explain the reasons for hitting slice ball and correction
    explained was extremely helpful. thanks

  • maximokmo:

    who noticed he puts his middle finger up when picking up his ball off the
    tee at the start?

  • CeeDub1534:

    I love how the video ends mid sentence haha

  • mcurry2510:

    turm ur hips to fix slice