Single Plane (axis) Golf Swing Demo – best online golf instruction – easy to learn

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

29 Responses to “Single Plane (axis) Golf Swing Demo – best online golf instruction – easy to learn”

  • Mitch Grashin:

    Hi Kirk. Great information. Thanks for sharing. I’m hitting with this swing
    nicely, but about 2 clubs shorter than I’m used to hitting, except for the
    driver which is going pretty far and straight. I do have a problem that is
    keeping my consistency down: HOW DO I INITIATE THIS SWING, or I should say
    how do you initiate this swing? Shoulder turn? Hands moving the
    hands-shoulder arm unit? Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!

  • Massimo Cellante:

    I note you don’t keep your right foot planted through impact as Moe Norman
    does – why?

  • HollywoodTnA:

    you sound just like Mo lol ” every ball perfectly straight “

  • lwest8300:

    Can you do this with a driver

  • wiganrlfcwigan:

    Can’t wait to try this

  • webbum:

    Do you have any close up videos on Moe’s grip? Especially the trail hand?

  • Jess Headley:

    I notice that your left hand is not at the end of the club..aka..”choked”
    up a bit..does this make you stand closer to the ball and I find it is
    easier to hit..especially on driver and fairway woods..

  • Raul Cardenas:

    This is great information. Can you please tell me what is the angle of the
    club and your arms create with reference to the body as you address the
    ball? Is there a particular angle to have i.e. 45 to 49 degrees… thank
    you in advance for the response.

  • Barry Mostovoy:

    best video I have seen for a senior golfer.

  • Michael o'neill:

    Looks interesting, does the ball go as far as with a normal swing,, seems
    like your only making half swings. 

  • Paul van der Merwe:

    Thanks for the reply. I am 40 now and i don’t seam to be as flexible as i
    use to be. I need to do something to still get a proper swing going and i
    will surely study your video,s.I try to play at least twice a week but
    don’t have much time to practice. I think i should turn one of the two golf
    games a week into a practice session. Regards.

  • Terry .W:

    Your videos may have saved my game. I’ve been following the moe Norman
    swing for years. Started with natural golf, then graves, then I bought a
    book from some guy in canada who swings like him. But it seems your videos
    have me on the right track. This whole time I’ve been obsessed with grip
    size and building them up, getting my clubs as heavy as possible, etc.
    Thank you. 

  • Paul van der Merwe:

    How long did it take to master this swing?

  • Terry .W:

    What size grips are you using? Thank you

  • peter s p Lim:

    Very excellent simple explanation of the single plane golf swing. Thanks

  • Kirk Junge:

    Working the ball is no problem at all. It is actually easier then with
    conventional golf. Most people gain distance with single plane swing as
    they make better more consistent contact.

  • Kirk Junge:

    You are welcome. If you need more help then visit my website in the
    description above. There are helpful drills there as well. You can try it
    for 14 days for free.

  • Kirk Junge:

    Hi John, Yes, using the body properly and passive hands will enable the
    straight shots. Moe had an advantage in that he was left handed, so he
    would never hit with his right arm as most amateurs do. The early release
    with the Single Plane setup makes people hook the ball, Still better then
    slicing, but to get it right you need to follow the drills on my website
    listed under the video in the description. Setup and drill 1 are free,
    otherwise there is a 14 day free trial where you get all drills

  • abennett4:

    Nice demonstration! I’m going to give it a try when my elbow stops hurting.

  • Kirk Junge:

    I use an overlap grip, with normal sized grips. I see no advantage to
    oversized grips unless your hands are very large.

  • Lee N:

    Kirk…you posted moe’s private demo. In that he talks about narrower
    stance than before, also he says he isn’t using his hands, also he says he
    swings the whole club now. Could you explain better what he was talking
    about with his latest swing? Also appeared he was not using an overlapping

  • coachcscottcs:

    nice video would like to see more of the one plane swing videos

  • Kirk Junge:

    While you have access to single plane, minimalist single plane, and
    conventional golf, it is understood that a person will only use one of
    those methods. The drills are very helpful regardless of which method you
    choose, and they are specific to the method you choose. You can try for 14
    days for free.

  • Kirk Junge:

    If you look at many of the the top pros they also do not go all the way
    around on the through swing. Some do, and some do not. If you look at some
    of the videos that I have posted of Moe Norman then you will also see that
    he does not go through so far. If your impact position and contact with the
    ball is good then you will be in good shape.

  • mikepa67:

    I watched this video 5 times…

  • chamilitary999:

    thanks for sharing, what’s the name of the song ?

  • Fraser Robertson:

    Looks rushed. So different to how she used to swing the club gone backwards
    in my eyes. 

  • itsleo:

    why the hell is she still with leadbetter!!!!!! she should try a new coach,
    foley maybe?