Should You Make Your Golf Driver Shorter AskGolfGuru

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25 Responses to “Should You Make Your Golf Driver Shorter AskGolfGuru”

  • Jason Sechrist:

    I was measured for a set of irons and was told for my height and wrist to
    floor measurement I needed 3/4 of an inch over standard length shafts. I
    was wondering if this equates to the driver too?

  • shreda lemon:

    Hey mark is it hard tobacco

  • ahastar1141:

    taller golfers like myself have long arms, thus why shorter drivers may
    work for us too

  • Seistrup9:

    To clearify the 43,5-44″ standard lenght is for an average golfer. Obv. The
    Better player Can handle a longer Shaft, 44-45″. We see This lenght with
    almost all the top pros, i.e. Sergio

  • jliao815:

    Hey Mark, Do you have any suggestions for a smaller headed driver?

  • James Vargeson:

    90% fairways? behave!


    I reduced my driver length by 2 inches from 45 1/2 to 43 1/2 and I didn’t
    see any loss of distance (still around 275) but my accuracy improved from
    about 50% of fairways hit to around 90% now. I also cut my 5 wood down to
    41 inches and gained distance and accuracy. Do it,you won’t regret it.

  • Iain Harris:

    Sorry what I meant to say was does it also alter the swing weight to point
    where you need to add head weight?

  • Neil1770053:

    I think drivers have become too long. Taking your advise I have been trying
    different models and strangely enough I like the Titleist 913 D3. They told
    me that Titleist are one of the few manufacturers sticking to a shorter 45
    inch shaft. Everyone else is 46 inches and longer… Is this true Mark?

  • David Q:

    Yes. You should cut down at the butt end of the shaft. Cutting from the tip
    or “tipping” will cause the shaft to become stiffer.

  • Zach Harney:

    SO TRUE! Taylormade is notorious for that.

  • Scooter Koerner:

    Mark do u think having a shorter swing is better, worse, or just as good as
    having a longer swing like Dustin Johnson?

  • Sam Winstanley:

    I did this (my driver is 44″), and I gained distance, this was a 1.5″
    shortening, it was done by an expert who did have to add some weight into
    the head to make it feel right afterwards… The reason I hit it further is
    because I hit the best part of the face much more, in the end this is the
    secret to hitting long more than small club speed I am loosing.

  • msalazar689:

    Thanks for the advice! Going to see my local pro today!

  • Ray M:

    When I got pitted for my Ping G35 I got it cut down to 45 1/4″. I’m hitting
    more fairways and my length has gone up due to the more consistent center

  • shreda lemon:

    Hey mark is it hard to become a pro?

  • Seistrup9:

    It has been proven that the loss of yardage is at max. 5 yards with a
    shorter driver. On the other hand the dispersion has unlimited improvement
    possibilities. If you have Heel side hits og hits all over the face, club
    is too long. For a player using standard lenght Irons, the correct driver
    lenght is 43,5-44″ 9/10 times. It’s all about hitting the center of the
    face everytime. THAT creates clubheadspeed more than anything else.

  • Iain Harris:

    Hi Mark okay next question is does it matter significantly whether you cut
    down at the butt or tip end?

  • Cahnt:

    Okay Mark, so what do you think is the longest shaft that the majority of
    handicap players can control? Is it shorter than the typical 45.25 – 46″
    shafts that usually come as standard? I’m willing to bet you think it is…

  • Jack Nathan:

    Mark really like watching your vids they’ve helped me a lot do u think that
    a small head for a 3 wood would be easier to hit than a larger head?

  • DustyMonolith:

    Does simply choking down on the grip achieve the same effect as using a
    shorter driver shaft, or is there more to it that I’m missing? Thanks!

  • failandprevail:

    Bubba uses a shorter length driver and still booms it.

  • Ray M:

    Damn iPhone!! Fitted and G25.

  • Iain Harris:

    Will it alter the weight

  • Zach Harney:

    Depends on how much you shorten it. If you take it to a decent shop, they
    can fix the swing weight after it’s shortened so it feels the similar to
    what it was before.