Should I buy Last Years Golf Equipment?

Question by Shawn: Should I buy Last Years Golf Equipment?
Would you recommend buying this years golf equipment over last years? There is a huge difference in the price, but can there really be that much difference in the club? I am leaning toward last years but I wanted to ask for some advice before I commit.

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Answer by Jeff
I would recommend buying last years if you want to save some money. The resale value won’t be quite as high as a new model but the resale value for golf equipments pretty much sucks anyways. There probably isn’t going to be a huge difference in the club. I mean, buying this years over last years probably isn’t going to give you more distance or accuracy. You might even like the older one better.

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  • Matt:

    My recommendation will depend on which manufacturer you’re looking at. Also, what club you are buying. Generally, you won’t find much of a difference in performance from 1 year to the next. The difference will be subtle, at best. But if you wait a few years the difference will appear larger. This year is BIG for club makers. The new groove rule has thrown a monkey wrench into a lot of manufacturer’s works. Unless you’re a touring pro, there’s no reason to buy the clubs with the new grooves, they don’t apply to you. My recommendation to you is:

    Save your money. Get Last year’s clubs if they are “new”. They should perform just as well.

  • TanTom:

    Why wouldn’t you buy last years clubs. I do it all the time. If you really look at clubs there really is only slight differences from year to year. You and most golfers for that matter never will be able to tell the difference.

  • dmartin2214:

    I would save big $ $ $ and buy last year’s equipment if I were you. The differences between club years are really very minor. Enjoy your new equipment and the extra cash you will have!