Shaft Fitting In Your Golf Driver

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32 Responses to “Shaft Fitting In Your Golf Driver”

  • Mark Crossfield:

    Is shaft fitting always the best way to buy your golf drivers. 

  • Johan Klarin:

    Should you get fit on a “bad swing day” – or on a “good” one? For those of
    us who don’t hit it with the same consistency you do (although you refer in
    your 714 MB video to “not trusting yourself” on bad days) this can make a
    difference! For me, on a good day, I really like a demanding club like a
    714 CB, but on a bad day, I want myself the APEX. Your thoughts on how that
    relates to getting custom fit? Cheers!

  • Ian Blackburn:

    Hi mark, have you got any PGA pro buddies in Newcastle upon Tyne you would
    recommend for lessons/custom fit?

  • Matthew Dougherty:

    Absolutely, flex really isn’t the best metric to fit a shaft. If a fitter
    say, “Oh you need Stiff”, just walk out the door. A good fitter will
    understand how a shaft flexes, how it lowers the launch, lowers spin, how
    shaft weight effects the shot. Really flex only matters when you are fine
    tuning a shaft with in a similar model, even then it depends on Bend
    Profile of the golf shaft. Some shafts companies like to drastically change
    the bend profile from regular to stiff flex. This means you can’t compare
    the two shafts even in the same model.

    In the end, just hit a lot of different shafts and weight feel versus raw
    data on numbers. 

  • Seistrup9:

    Mark, obv. feel of the club is important. But as a fitter, the 2 most
    important aspects of fitting a Shaft Are Lenght and Weight.
    I was hoping you Would mention especially lenght of the club, as so many
    plays a Shaft that is too long.
    Anything longer than 45″ is too long 999/1000 times.

    Weight is the second most important thing. Totalweight, swingweight,
    balance, and so on.

    Flex is not that important unless you Are fitting a really good player. But
    In generel it’s Better to Go a bit too light, rather than too heavy.

    And when we talk Low launch/High launch shafts, that only works for player
    with a late(or later atleast) release! Otherwise, nothing launches Low
    unless it’s a bad hit!

    A few Quick, but very important pointers, when fitting ANY player.
    Hopefully, you know Them all already. If not, now you do 😉

  • Phill Rudd:

    Whilst on this journey to learn how to play golf I have gone through many
    driver fittings at various AG, DG stores and even the Belfry(which wasn’t
    cheap). I have regular lessons with the head pro and have noticed an
    improvement with my driving over the last year or so, however every time I
    go to these stores to try a driver/club I always always always leave
    feeling that I have been pushed into a specific purchase (irrespective of
    my ball striking that day). My swing speed crosses between Regular and
    Stiff so I choose to try both and see what FEELS better for me. In short,
    my opinion is to try as many clubs as you can, in as many different
    environments as possible. Don’t be pushed into buying anything and use the
    numbers and feel to make your decision. Then make your purchase from the
    nicest, least salesperson-like individual rather than from Mr Commission!

  • 9tube1:

    Good video Mark. I was given a Ping G25 for Christmas and shortly
    thereafter purchased a G25 3-wood. For both clubs I hit balls into a
    screen which recorded all the pertinent info – swing speed, ball speed,
    spin, launch loft etc., etc. The end result was exactly what I had
    anticipated – regular flex graphite shafts. However, filling out the
    fitting info on the Ping web site for a set of G25 steel-shafted irons, the
    recommendation came back that I should purchase stiff shafts. While I
    always played stiff shafts when I was younger, at age 64 with a typical
    loss of power and distance, I’ve been playing regular shafts from Driver
    through Wedge for over 10 years. Doesn’t it make logical sense to you that
    I should stick with regular flex shafts regardless of which brand of irons
    I purchase? Thank you for your insight.


    Brilliant Mark, enjoy your videos very much! I’ve been playing over 35
    years now.

  • klarkus:

    “Yeah it’s a good drive” It’s no Gorilla drive though. 

  • Jimmy MX:

    What is Mark’s driver shaft? Does anyone know?

  • Paul Allen:

    great stuff mark. nooice course, man.

  • Gorilla James:

    Honestly im a member at that course 

  • TheChristophalos:

    Forgot his clothes, but he’s still got that jumper.

  • HeidisBrother:

    JPX-EZ irons Mark?

  • callmecamo2:

    So this is where you’ve been hiding. Can’t blame you, beautiful course.

  • TREXgameplay:

    Always good to see the pink castle in your tee shots Matthew lockey

  • joel rea:

    are you using the jpx ez irons mark?

  • zdenekdvc:

    JPX EZ rules

  • Ian Wallace:

    Great video, I loved playing in Portugal. Are you going to play any where

  • Alan Mills:

    Nice Vid, good to see Lockey back!

  • Billy Edwards:

    Are those new irons?

  • Golfbald825:

    Hey Lockey, is that a Oban Kiyoshi purple in your driver?

  • jppongo06:

    haha “James, oh no sorry, Matt” lol ……Keep them coming, another very
    good video!

  • webbum:

    Do you have any playing lessons with a high handicap player?

  • hertsman10:

    Here we go again the further adventures of MC and his latest stooge! Nice
    to see you both wearing clothing that fits you properly and not 2 sizes too
    small. Great vids Mark 

  • lethomadness:

    i find these videos more helpful then the lesson ones
    kinda makes me chill an relise everyone is not as good as the guys on TV

  • Chris Clinton:

    Nice vid

  • Daithi G:

    Stunning looking course I see you use cavity backs to blades whats the
    reason ?

  • David Collie:

    Looks to me like Mark isn’t moving as much weight to his back leg as he
    used to. Anyone else see that or is it just me?

  • cclarsen72:

    Mark what gopro do you use? And what’s your second cam? Thanks!

  • Yeah:

    New hat!!! You still need a new pair of trousers, a new belt, and a new

  • Joakim Fredriksson:

    nice vid Mark and beautiful course