Saunton West Golf Course Part 1

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25 Responses to “Saunton West Golf Course Part 1”

  • Chris Campbell:

    Twitchard always looks so happy to be playing.

  • Aussie Kid:

    ummmm? this is what the other video was supposed to be? 18:13 for those who
    already watched the first half :)

  • Richard Walker:

    Yayyyy! The full part 1! Thanks Mark. #uploadproblems #leavethemwantingmore

  • ThatCynicalBrit:

    Crossfield doesn’t mind Kev being better than him, but he hates the fact
    that Pickard is as well….and we love it.

  • nigel Turner:

    mark is very bad loser :)

  • marvinjr1989:

    Thumbs up for them to play Battle Golf!

  • Michael Ruppel:

    harper looks like he was playing with his back up clubs lol? 

  • Justin Mayo:

    I guarantee Buzz carries a meter stick for the possibility of having to
    measure how close someone is to the hole in a challenge just to quiet

  • gbvoul:

    Considering that it’s a blind green from the other fairway, which only
    makes the shot tougher, theres no reason to make that other fairway OB.
    From what I’ve seen OBs are only marked on other fairways when hitting that
    other fairway is an easier shot. like a short cut, or less obstructive,
    negating a dog leg.

  • Adam Beliles:

    I love whenever Buzza tries to explain in seriousness the shot he just hit
    and Mark always cuts him off and turns the camera away. It’s like his ADD
    won’t let him listen to anyone else for more than 2 seconds. These vlogs
    are the best on youtube. 

  • Judge Smails:

    Rule #1 – Count every stroke. Rule #2 – Play the ball as it lies. Rule #3
    – Play the course as you find it.
    Sorry Mark… No rule re. which fairway you have to hit your approach from
    in order to record an eagle.

  • theMANxGOLFER:

    Pickard wins part 1. Putting God enters through the side door #dreamcrusher

  • Matthias Gold:

    one day mark will die out on one course with a club stuck in his head!

  • Barry Oakland:

    The best eagle ever, you laugh Mark when you edit OB eagles, I almost
    pissed myself, my ansome! ‘kin brilliant!!
    Just love it Twitch!!

  • Irving fan2563:

    Am I the only one who only has it in 360p?

  • Mark Crossfield:
  • Sgt Pepper:

    Great eagle +JimboJettGolf

  • Anthony C:

    Why is Kevin wearing his pajamas? 

  • dean broadway:

    So funny mark is such a bad loser but is trying to smile haha keep it up
    eagle face

  • P Beverley:

    I watch you on your driving range and as far as I can see you hits some
    really good shots. This is also shown on the analysis from GC2 and HMT.
    Why then when you move onto a real golf course do you loose this
    precision. As we all do!

  • Vici Martynov:

    Police were mystified today to find the “so called” GolfGuru face down in a
    bunker with pairs of injuries inflicted by a 3 iron absolutely exactly 1
    metre apart ;-)

  • Alan Hesketh:

    Coming from someone who is looking to get into golf very soon, the scenery,
    the banter, the learning, I can’t wait!
    Great watching mark.

  • danny worsdale golf:

    Packard can seriously score! Top stuff guys 

  • Cian Lanigan:


  • Paul Scheuer: