Salgados Golf Course Portugal

Salgados Golf Course Portugal

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Salgados Golf Course Portugal”

  • Jeremy Bader:

    I love this trio, very entertaining to watch you guys

  • grumpy2159:

    Can you get breathalysed in a golf cart?

  • 06aikens:

    ahahahhaha omg who thinks Mark should upload the video of their karaoke
    night? ;)

  • Kierran Mears:

    “will the real slim shady please hit a 2iron” laughed way to much at that..

  • Nick Hough:

    You made the ‘best golf shots ever’ video too soon! That is defo number
    one from you Mr Parfield! Nice recovery/birdie/crowd pleaser!!! :)

  • Jeremiah Howard:

    Is that Rory with the flashing lights on his head while Gorilla Shady is

  • Mark Amery-Behr:

    “Pleasant change” hilarious Rory. But I don’t think a voice box removal
    could keep mark quiet!

  • Krisehh Boom:

    Get the gorilla in more videos! He’s the man

  • jochen487:

    Hangover party

  • grey hickman:

    Hey Mark, where can I get a hat or T-Shirt with the “”
    branding on it?

  • DjTak3On3:

    I quite liked listening to Croakfield.He was like a hungover or out of
    sorts Peter ALLIS!

  • MetalAsFork:

    Noice pitch thurr m8!

  • Dustin P.:

    The atmosphere was so bleak until Mark made that bird and started yelling
    “winjed? ” “Winjin? ” ohhh winded. 

  • natollys:

    I remember playing this place 10-12 years ago….just as I was going to tee
    off on the first…. 2 fellows walking in after their round asked…Do you
    have plenty balls…?….some of the fairways were like the top of a
    football with water either side….I recommend you should buy 2 bags of
    “experienced” golf balls from the pro shop….you should not loose more
    than 20 ball per round….great fun….!!!

  • Conor Flaherty:

    What a shot Mark!!!!

  • Michaud Venant:

    Was it me or was there a guy in a pink shirt just standing out of shot. The
    vapors of the night before must be coming through the screen… Great vid!
    #birdiefield FTW! 

  • Stephane Gauthier:

    The Par-field machine is now fully calibrated!

  • Barry Duffy:

    Brilliant! Mark’s chip in and Rory’s last putt were ace. Karaoke wasn’t bad
    either haha – cracking vid Mark!

  • Gino L:

    So pissed after the tee shot… then he pitches it in. Nice shot Mark.

  • J. Lee:

    GJ really “lost” himself in the music the moment he wanted he never let it
    go go

    HAHA im punny. siiike. 

  • Aranelde:

    Mark can only make a birdie from 40 yards off the green, pitching it into a
    very sloping green. 

  • Cyril Velasco:

    Can you do a video of your current set up? From what’s in your bag, your
    shoes, golf balls you use and even your tees. Also why you choose to use
    those items. Thanks!

  • Gaz Leedle:

    Wow what a second shot, I actually started applauding you until I realised
    I was clapping at a phone screen… Great video’s thanks :-)

  • Tiger Scott:

    How good was the last putt. And the chip was okay as well haha

  • Chifundo Banda:

    Monstrous chip in there! Very well played Mark.