Right Elbow In The Golf Swing – By Gravity Golf Instructor Andrew Waple

www.gravitygolf.com People have been taught for ages that their right elbow should stay pinned to their side to try and eliminate coming “over the top,” (which is a large misconception) but…
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Watch Justin Rose winner of the US Open talk to Meandmygolf about his golf swing and how its changed over the last few years, and gives a golf tip to help the amateurs SUBSCRIBE to MeAndMyGolf…

31 Responses to “Right Elbow In The Golf Swing – By Gravity Golf Instructor Andrew Waple”

  • TheGolfronnie:

    Just watched Andrew and realised with the right arm in that position that
    the right wrist will not be cocked.
    Is it then cocked on the way down?

  • RollYourRock:

    David, if I may ask… what is your age, and how far can you currently fly
    your driver?
    I’ll be 68 in April and even though I stretch every day, I have lost a lot
    of distance in the last couple of years. Your high right elbow looks like
    an excellent technique for increasing arc radius to compensate for loss of
    age related strength and flexibility. It certainly worked for the late
    Miller Barber. Thank You 

  • Bryan Gould:


  • 1donoswald:

    This demo by 3 unique Gravity Swings paints a much clearer picture for me
    of how the right arm and shoulder work in the gravity golf swing. Great job
    Andy, David & Danny!

  • Aaron Schulman:

    Excellent video guys. Thanks for having Andy share. The more I watch and
    study you guys, the more I can see the same fundamentals repeated in a true
    gravity golf swing. Also, it shows that no matter how long you have been
    studying this from a Gravity perspective, that there is always room for
    improvement and refining. Thanks for keeping these videos coming!

  • Aaron Schulman:

    Danny and David- quick question if you have the time. . . Been working on 3
    mode heel to heel drill and actually incorporated a front route, right
    handed heel to heel and can really feel the sling on those and see great
    results- problem is with the left handed drills- it never quite feels like
    I can get back far enough, and actually have to lose sight of the ball a
    bit on the back swing to feel like I am getting back far enough for the
    counterfall. . . 2 questions – 1) What would you recommend to feel the left
    arm (shoulder) drills getting back far enough and 2) Would you recommend
    up routes for left hand heel to heel drills as well as left handed normal
    route for heel to heel? – Oh- and 1 problem I feel is getting full slack
    out of the right arm & shoulder when both hands are on the club- it is not
    a problem with right handers to feel- but with 2 hands- the right shoulder
    still feels crammed a bit – Thanks again- Aaron

  • Fore @u:

    Wow u are very lucky to meet him

  • DASH1ful:

    very surprised to hear justin say he doesn’t turn his hips thru the shot
    very well. all you have to do is straighten your left leg thru the shot.
    hit half shots to get the move working. justins so called flexibility
    problem is nothing to do with his flexibility. when you are long in the
    body the position of you body works against your turn. but any active turn,
    either way, in the swing is incorrect, anyway. the in info in the video is
    a bit stack o’lee isn’t it.

  • Darren Buxton:

    Awesome video boys, lucky lads

  • KJMSr1:

    Nice work by you two guys! Good questions too…

  • Daniel Ahyauddin:

    Love hearing Justin talk golf

  • Pim Scholten:

    great video but the audio is … ?

  • TheChristophalos:

    The audio is terrible guys, I can hardly hear what Justin is saying

  • Google-is-a-pain:

    Great coup guys. Informative and entertaining interview. He seems like a
    good bloke. Thanks

  • Stephane Gauthier:

    please boost the audio quality. I’m not sure if it’s the audio compression
    settings but it sounds like it is.

    On the positive side, it was great to hear a pro talk theory. Especially a

  • robocop30301:

    This is so interesting.

  • scott crockett:

    Top interview guys! Darren Clarke, Justin rose..who’s next??

  • Stefan Gustavsson:

    Deep and beyond. Knowlege @ its best. 

  • Jeff Baker:

    WOW what a great video. Taking MeandMyGolf to a new level 

  • pyeisnot3pt14:

    Make the match happen, please!

  • Niko Alhonen:

    I need help with my swing… Im duffing a lot and i wanna know what i do
    wrong, can u guys help me ?

  • Max Christian-Chance:

    Poor audio or not this insight to Justin’s swing is fascinating. His
    knowledge of his own swing mechanics and limitations, all be it very in
    depth, wouldn’t be lost on any amateur trying to improve. Great video

  • Chuck Daymude:

    Well done guys. Terrific interview. Justin is a class act and was very
    helpful in translating how he and Foley incorporated changes and why.
    Excellent insight.

  • Mark Kitching:

    Fantastic! Thanks for this guys. Very interesting to hear his take on
    ‘standing up’ (loss of posture) – something I am STILL struggling to fix.

  • jason stanley:

    Jeez, some people are just spoilt brats, if u can’t pick out what they’re
    saying then you have hearing issues . The video is free and very
    informative . ” in the age of free people still want their money back” 

  • George Boden:

    Brilliant video and a fantastic insight into Justin’s game. 

  • MegaBroony .Broon:

    Great vid guys and what a nice bloke Justin is.Loved some of the stuff he,s
    working on. Keep up the good work.

  • golfninja:

    +Meandmygolf Great to get the access to JR, brilliant.(remember to keep
    that ‘golf bag’ in shot! 😉 Really interesting to hear him talk about his
    game, what & how he works on his game. Interesting also to hear about the
    address/ball position ‘in play fix’ which contributed to him winning the US
    Open. Good stuff. (shame about the ‘technicals’ but these things happen,
    just have to listen harder :)

  • Jimmy King:

    amazing video

  • Jeff Schroth:

    Extraordinary video, fascinating information. Thanks!