Q&A: Would you want golf equipment in the winter?

Question by Linda: Would you want golf equipment in the winter?
My boyfriend is about to graduate from college and I was going to give him a Callaway golf bag. He’s been wanting one, so I thought it’s be a great grad present and a thoughtful suprise. Then in casual conversation, he tells me that he wont be playing golf for a few months when winter is over. I didn’t think about that. Would you still want a present that you couldn’t even enjoy for at least 3 months?? Are there indoor golf areas that I could get him gift passes for or something like that? Give me your opinions, please!
He just doesn’t want to get out in the cold. I checked, we have no indoor driving ranges. We’re in Northern Mississippi so most people suck it up and go outside, it’s not that cold. He’s a baby sometimes!

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Answer by hogan7ho
I want would want a golf bag anytime of the year. I would say buy it.

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  • googie:

    Buy the golf bag. Many of us have abbreviated golf seasons and we would appreciate a gift of a new bag. If he is displeased, find a new boyfriend.

  • linda j:

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  • Henry Y:

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  • Jason G:

    Sure. Especially if you live in an area that experiences all the seasons. There are indoor driving ranges. You can still get him the bag. That may change his mind and get him to play. What reason did he say for not playing after winter?

  • guess:

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