Q&A: Who thinks golf is boring?!?!?

Question by Kay: Who thinks golf is boring?!?!?
I like golf…. my dad, brother, sister and I all play…. who thinks that golf is boring?!?!?!
Ohh come on people…. golf isnt that boring even tho topher answer made me laugh!
Doug… I am a good golfer and I like golf! i dont understand what if you thought i didnt!

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Answer by pooniekk
I do

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13 Responses to “Q&A: Who thinks golf is boring?!?!?”

  • ~Dale Earnhardt Jr. Fan #8~:


  • Manda K:

    oh oh oh me i do i do!!

  • mick987g:

    hit the ball , chase the ball, hit the ball , chase the ball , put it in the hole

    Then start it all over again for another 17 holes


  • Topher:

    Me, It’s for old rich guys who wear the ugliest pants up to above their belly buttons. They also like to hit the ball with a stick into a hole a few hundred yards away, then if they miss, they find their ball….. AND HIT IT AGAIN!!!! If I would play golf I would hit the ball, look for it, if I find it, I’d say “hey I found it”, pat myself on the back and go home happy that I found a two inch ball in a golf course that spreads out over a few thousand square yards…

  • Kelly:

    I absolutley LOVE golf. My dad is a golf professional and he owns a 2 golf courses. I love it, and I’m 14 and a girl and my brother is 16. We are both on our highschool golf team and I am the first girl ever. Golf isn’t very popular down here in VA, but I love it.

  • themrpine:


  • nsmoilliyt:

    I don’t

  • Doug:

    I’m surprised to hear a lady say that, I’m guess it just has not worked out for you. Go to http://www.playgolfamerica.com to find you a local golf pro to help you with your golf game. Once you start hitting the ball you will have a lot more fun. You can thank me later.

  • IceCube:

    Not when I play.

  • bikernoj:

    Golf is for people trying to either kiss @$ $ at the office, impress their rich friends, or people that actually get a workout riding around in a golf cart.

    Now, the golfers I see CARRYING their own bags and WALKING the entire course get my respect, but in the last 10 years I’ve only seen THREE golfers do that. The rest are fat, lazy yuppies or retirees.

    I won’t say the clothing is stupid, because I’m a cyclist and that would be the “pot calling the kettle black” if you catch my drift.

    Golf would be better if it was a timed event. You get 5 minutes max per hole, no carts, and everyone carries their own clubs. Every stroke over par adds 1 minute, and lowest overall time wins. I think you’d see people giving up their 20-club spread for a small pack of 5 critical sizes, and wiry players like Tiger would whup all over the fat guys!

    THEN it might not be so boring!

  • Big Jimi:

    Toughest Sport Ever! Morons may think it’s boring!

  • Steve:

    Like many things, it’s terribly boring to watch, but awfully fun to play.

  • Shawn Dannemann:

    How can golf be boring when you can ride around in golf carts like these 😉 http://roundofgolf.ca/10-custom-golf-carts-around-globe/