Q&A: what should i do at the driving range?

Question by snowboarder: what should i do at the driving range?
i am fairly new to golf and i just dont understand what you are supposed to do at the driving range? do you just hit with the driver? or all of them? sorry i am a total newbie can you guys please just give me some tips and whatever you know about golf! i have no idea what i am doing out there…

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Answer by isee clearly
There are different distance markers at the ranges for hitting different clubs – generally you should take a few clubs ( the ones you use the most) i.e. Driver/ 4 or 5 iron 7,8,9 iron to start as using all clubs will take too long and and minimize the number of balls you can practice with – unless you spend a fortune on hiring golf balls?

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  • golfrguy:

    just practice hitting all of your clubs, get the distances you hit with each. Its important to pick a spot to aim to where your hitting though because if you just start hitting its hard to tell where you were aiming in comparison to where the ball lands, especially if its a larger range.

  • Pixie Chick:

    This is where you fine tune your problems, or as a beginner you find the basics before heading out to the course.
    Sign up for an inexpensive “Group Lesson”, learn the basic’s; grip, stance (ball position), club choices, swing pattern, etc.
    Yes, bring all your clubs, and spend 5-10 minutes on each, initially a target is not too important as a beginner…what’s important is making consistent contact and hitting the ball. Once consistent contact is present, then look at distance….How far is my 9 Iron going? Keep a log of clean hits and what club you’re using and how far.
    Once you’re feeling comfortable with fairly consistent hits and know a general range for distance with each club, progress to targets.
    This is a continual (like in years after beginning) practice pattern of zeroing in on your target, knowing what club is appropriate and perfecting your swing.
    The driving range is only 1/3rd of your game, the other 2/3rds should be spent around the chipping green and putting green….because honestly your true feel and expertise of this wonderful game comes in around 80yds from the green. I should also mention this wonderful game is also very mental…take some time to understand that aspect as well.
    Take some group lessons, rent some library videos, spend some time at Barnes and Nobel on “Golf for Dummies” (No Offense) and more than anything go out and play, practice, hit the ball….learn feel. Carpe Diem.