Q&A: What is the best set of golf clubs for a left handed beginner?

Question by benjamin_pittsley: What is the best set of golf clubs for a left handed beginner?
I want to purchase my first set of golf clubs. I have not been golfing too many times but I am pretty athletic and a quick learner. I am not trying to be a pro but would like to have fun. I usually spend a little more than average on my sporting equipment because usually you can get better quality and if nothing else at least it makes you more confident. I want to spend around $ 1000.00 on clubs and I am wondering what else I should buy shoes, bag, glove, etc. I would also like to know the basics when it comes to club selection, offset, shaft length, stiffness, etc. Someone who could summerize for me would be great!!!

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Answer by Golfing Girl
I am left-handed but play right because it was easier for me to learn that way and club selection is greater. Golfmith has an excellent selection of right and left handed clubs though. They also have a golf simulator that tests your swing-that will help determine what kind of clubs you need. Stiff versus flex, speed rating etc. Even though I am a lady, I have a very fast swing speed of 125+ mph so I need a very stiff graphite shaft so I chose a men’s set (Nickent). I find that graphite shafts are more forgiving than steel. I have been playing almost everyday for 3 yrs and my game has changed so much that I am glad I waited to invest more money on clubs until I was able to understand what my needs were better.

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