Q&A: What is the best brand for golf club for beginner?

Question by Nima Moh.: What is the best brand for golf club for beginner?
I’ve started playing golf 2 months ago and my wife give me a $ 800 gift card from one of the golf course. I want to buy a club set, any suggestions?

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Answer by Dilbert
Cobra, by far. They are the most forgiving clubs you can find. Make sure you get “cavity-back” irons, and a decent driver, 3 wood, and maybe 5 wood.

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  • john c:

    have the club pro fit you for a decent set of cavity backed irons that you wont play out of. Stay with Callaway, Ping Taylor Made Cleveland , Titelist. If he starts pushing some offbrand on you its because of a higher level of commision. I wouldnt go for woods until you find the ones you are going to use. For instance I drive w/ my 3 wood and use a 5 n 7 wood for fairway shots.

    Cobra is good but the proplem with them is the loft there clubs differently then the industry.Its a gimic thing .a Cobra 6 iron is like a regular 5 iron. Therefore theydont have the name recognition as the others

  • snip:

    ping would be great for u.

  • mikedaddy316:

    As a beginner you’re going to give any set you get a beating – I wouldn’t break the bank for a new set. Between mis-hits, unseen rocks, and frustration, these clubs will get their fair share of scratches and dings. If you can get a more inexpensive set and use the balance of the gift card for beginner lessons, I would highly reccommend that.

    Adams, Wilson,and Dunlop all make an affordable complete beginner set (which will give you 3 iron to pitching wedge, as well as 1,3,5 woods and a putter). If the gift card is to a course’s pro shop I’m not sure if they’ll carry these. If it’s to somewhere like Sports Authority you’re good to go. In the event you’re locked into a pro shop purchase, go for low end Callaway or Taylor Made Irons. They tend to be forgiving and will mask any deficiencies in your swing. Look for cavity back irons, with a good weight to the head. Also look into steel shafts in order to keep your swing slower and more under control, as you want to learn to consistently hit it straight before trying to kill the ball.

  • Yankees91594:

    Dunlop clubs are great.

  • slayer06:

    i have been playing for 2 years now before when i started i was so bad at golf i got nervous all the time in was sliceing the ball to much i was getting a 124 in said maybe i will do better now it has been over 14 months now in i went from a 124 to a 67 i block every thing out of my mind from the noise in getting nervous so good luck on playing golf

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  • stand0072003:

    From my personal experience, I would have to say Tommy Armour. They are cheap and affordable, and are great quality clubs. Purchase the more expensive brands when you feel more comfortable with your golf game. Tommy Armour is not a well known club manufacturer, however they are sold in most golf retail stores, nor are they a completely generic brand of clubs. Try and stay away from old clubs, as they are not beginner-friendly. Old clubs lack in forgiveness and the technology of today’s golf clubs. Most beginners go with old 70s and 80s clubs because of their price, but then quit golf because its too hard, when in reality, they might have a lot more fun if they put a little more money into a quality set of clubs. Spend some time seeing what brand is right for you and is in your price range. Fitting for clubs also helps because one golf club for one golfer might not be fitted properly to another golfer. Hope this helps!

  • ~Spurs~:

    For a beginner, don’t use up all your money on an expensive set. For beginners, the best golf brands to buy from would be Dunlop and Wilson. I have a mixed set of Dunlops and Wilsons and they work fine for me, since I’m a beginner.

  • dorwin29:

    If you plan on playing for a long time choose a well known brand like Callaway, Ping, Titleist, Adams or Taylormade.

    There are no single best brand – just go with a quality manufacturer like the ones above.

    You should get clubs with a larger club face and a slight offset for a begginer.

  • heybabywutsyersign:

    First off let me give respect to your wife. WOW! What a gift!! Although I must say, she probably has no idea what she just got herself into. Golf is like crack. Once you bomb your first drive down the center of the fairway or hit that perfect lazer like iron shot to within a foot of the pin, YOU ARE HOOKED! No doubt about it. The more you play, the more you “HAVE TO” play. Golf will creep into every part of your life. Dinner conversations, taking divots in your front yard, making practice swings while standing in the frozen food isle at the grocery store, you name it and golf will be there.Good luck to BOTH of you.;-)

    As for your question, I would Highly recomend COBRA irons and woods. Many people dont know that COBRA is manufactured by the same company that makes titleist as well as footjoy and pinnacle( Acushnet Company ). Cobra is what is called a “GAME IMPROVEMENT” brand. That means they are more geared to help the beginner that is really interested in the game improve his/her game and keep it enjoyable.You definantly do not want to buy a model that you see the guys on tour playing. These guys are PROS and they know how to use pro model equipment. I myself play all COBRA equipmentfrom my driver and woods to my irons and wedges and even my putter. They are the most forgiving clubs you can buy. What that means is that even if you do not hit the ball in the center of the clubface( also known as off center hits) you still have a tremendous amount of accuracy and feel. This is created by what is called cavity back design. What that means is that most of the weight of the clubhead is placeg around the edges of the face leaving a CAVITY in the center. I would recomend the cobra s9 set for you. If the club where your wife got the gift card from does not carry COBRA on the display rack they can certinly order them for you. Go to any major golf retailer and try them out ask them to Fit you for a set of clubs. Take that info back to the club and have them order them for you.

    Just remember, no clubs can take the place of a few good lessons and plenty of practice( even if it is in the frozen isle!)
    Good luck!!!!

    p.s. links for those COBRA clubs are below.

  • Hawk:

    wilson starter set