Q&A: What do you like/hate about driving ranges you practice on?

Question by Chris E: What do you like/hate about driving ranges you practice on?
I’m currently creating a business plan to construct a driving range. It’d be great of you guys if you could give me some feedback on what you guys like/dislike about driving ranges. Thank you!

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Answer by gardner42578
Driving ranges without objects to aim for are pointless. Making sure the yardage markers are correct is important. more room between golfers so that they have more room to swing without the distraction of other golfers would be a good idea. Having competitive prices. Lights for those who work and cant make it to the ranges at earlier times. Just a few things I would look for.. Good luck with your range!!

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  • muggsy9:

    i like when there is plenty of room between ways and alot of room at the back of the range. so u can hit drivers as far as u want. i think a short game and putting area is a great idea for a driving range if u have the room. and some grass bays. also i would look at having a pro shop and maybe even a pro on site to give lessons. hope this helps and good luck!

  • Endex:

    Do not make all the tee boxes turf with rubber tees. It may cost more to upkeep but you need to be hitting regular tees off of grass to get a proper feel for how you are hitting the ball. Not to mention, the astro turf does a number on the bottom of one’s driver.

  • green_lantern66:

    it’s mostly just mindless ball- beating. If they’d put sidehill lies, uphill/downhill lies, rough, sand, obstacles, etc. it’d be a better experience.

  • Leafsfan29:

    My wish list:

    -grass tees (at least have a mix of mats and grass tees; maybe charge a premium for grass)
    -Plenty of space between stations (the longer drivers used today require more space
    -Short game area (for chipping, wedge shots, sand shots), as well as a putting green (you could charge separately for this).
    -Targets with distances listed (make sure the measurements are accurate)
    -Lighted with some stations covered/heated for year-round use.
    -Have a lesson/instruction scheme for novice/beginner golfers (i.e. juniors, women, etc.).

  • bradley m:

    i would like to emphisize a large practice green , it will take a lot of work but chipping and putting is something that would attract me to your range over your competion! hitting a couple buckets of balls is fine but the abuility spend 20 or 30 min working on shortgame is important. i would look into some of the new artificial turf options (available now with a rubber backing to simulate the soft landing that a grass green will give you) low maintanance and extended season, im not sure of the cost but if i could chip and pitch and put for a wile i would get a lot more out of the visit to your range and it will show up next time on the course.. this will keep me comming back as my game will suffer if i dont stop in at your range;. lights are cool too and do attract attention by folks passing in the evening

  • Joel D:

    I don’t really like the winter-time mats. Living in Michigan, I get to hit off of mats a lot.

  • griller:

    Chris you’ve got a lot of input here and you should come up with a nice practise facility. I don’t think anyone really likes the term driving range any more. Come up with a catchy name for your academy and you’re off to a good start. Make sure you don’t face your learning centre east and west. Hitting into the rising and setting sun isn’t a lot of fun. Having a staff pro who can work the range giving free advice would be a bonus for your teaching centre and private lessons and clinics would make having a pro on staff to teach junior camps etc. worthwhile. A short game school and practise area would be nice and be added revenue for you. A nice pro shop and fitting centre will also bring in business and having the best hot dog in town helps for the lunch time crowd. Let us know when it’s up and running because all the guys who’ve answered should get a FREE large bucket don’t you think. Good luck with your plans.

  • Kevin789:

    i absolutely hate the darn mats
    much rather hit off grass

  • golfprokiz:

    bigger short game area. multiple targets from 100 yds and in.
    multiple lies ( uphill, sidehill, etc.)
    grass not mats
    covered bays if you are down south for a premium charge of course
    replace balls regularly

  • Stephen f:

    Hate hitting of mats and the yards are wrong!!!