Q&A: Need decoration ideas . . . golf theme . . . 10 pts.?

Question by Abe: Need decoration ideas . . . golf theme . . . 10 pts.?
Guest bedroom . . . I have some old school golf memorabilia that is framed along with my hole-in-one display and hole sign. Any creative ideas? I have golf ball tie-backs for the curtains but need other creative ideas . . .

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Answer by ckm
Here’s some ideas in pictures:

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  • Nattitude:

    Those are some great ideas! You could also fill a clear vase with golf balls or a bowl.Make some throw pillows and your own curtains or valance. Use 4 clubs to frame a picture and some indoor/outdoor carpet as a throw rug

  • Arthur G:

    An essential part of a golf course is the turf. For a golf-themed room, mixing different types of carpeting creates a unique representation of a golf course.
    Bright green carpet with a very short shag is reminiscent of the green. Tan or light brown patches or rugs can be incorporated as sand traps, and medium blue tones create water hazards. creating a realistic golf course floor can be quite inexpensive.

    Walls can be painted several different ways to coordinate with a golf theme. Rolling green hills create a delightful mural, turning the entire room into a golfing scene. The upper half of the walls can be painted pale blue to resemble the sky.

    Green bedding, such as a comforter, bedspread, or sheets, can simulate the green of a golf course, and can be topped with a spherical golf ball pillow and accented by flags at each corner.

    There are many golf-themed accessories that add a special touch to a room. Doorknobs and fan pulls are available shaped as golf balls, and clocks, bookends, desk sets, photo frames, and figurines are available in a wide variety of golf designs. A bonsai fountain themed as a challenging green is a delightful and soothing accent sure to help young players focus on upcoming games.

    You can find lots of Ideas in Nina’s site